6 Useful settings in the YouTube app

We all have been using YouTube for a long time. Some of us loves watching content and some of us create content. In the endless loop of creating and watching we forget about settings. 

Setting plays a great role while optimizing the user’s experience. Customizing settings for your habits can become a legend. 

In this article, I am gonna show you 6 YouTube app settings that you need to know. Which nobody is using but super beneficial. 

6 YouTube Settings You Need to Know 

Using Youtube App

I arrange this order in descending to ascending so make sure to read the first one. 

1. Custom Notification 

If we have subscribed to a few channels on YouTube you will probably be stuck when all of them upload their video together. 

Your notification bar is going to mess up completely with those notifications popping up continuously “hey this is live” or “Hello the New Video”.

And there is no way to organize it but the YouTube app has a setting that you can use to enable or disable a few types of notifications like comments, hearts, Mentions, Shared content, Product updates, and announcements, Disable sounds & vibrations. 

youtube app notification settings screenshot

To Configure this. Get into settings > Select Notification > Now Customize it. 

On the notification no let’s move on to another setting which you need to know. 

2. Pause YouTube History 

Sum of first right after watching YouTube videos clear their search and watch history. But that sounds ridiculous! Right after watching “CLEAR HISTORIES” there is no particular reason why you have to follow a long procedure to do that. 

History & Privacy tab in yt

Instead, you can try out this new set which can help you to pause your search and your watch history for a while. Until you disable that setting again. 

To pause, search and watch history on YouTube. Open YT Settings > Select History & Privacy > Turn On Pause Search History and Even Watch History. 

Now you can watch and search whatever you want to without any trepidation. 

3. YouTube’s Bedtime 

If the YouTube app has been used by your children or your siblings and you want to protect them from the blue rays. Even when you want to save time. Then this is just for you. 

There is a helpful setting in the YouTube app which will help you to decide in particular the timing of watching YouTube and How long you can watch videos at once. 

General settings in youtube

To turn on YouTube bedtime settings. Get Into Youtube App Settings > General > Here you will see two options; 1. Remind me when it’s bedtime and 2. Remind me to take a break. You can set the hours when you fall asleep and when you want to break after watching certain videos. 

This setting would be more helpful in the techera when screen time is continuously increasing day by day you can limit yourself by using this. 

4. Restricted YouTube Mode 

Restricted YouTube mode is very helpful when it comes to children. If someone in your family uses YouTube and is probably getting exposed to inappropriate content. 

restricted mode in youtube

Just by enabling the restricted mode in the YouTube settings, you can block all the inappropriate or objective content from YouTube and even YouTube itself says every time the youtube algorithm is not perfect to block them so it makes sense. But generally, it will work fine and block all the inappropriate (mature) content. 

To turn on the restricted mode. Get Into YT Settings > Tap on General > Here Scroll Down, Select Restricted Mode > Now turn it on. 

5. YouTube’s Data Saving 

We all love and enjoy watching YouTube videos that our favorite creator makes. Even though some of us don’t have enough data. Even when I was in my 11th class I didn’t have sufficient internet access to study materials online. And this feature helped me a lot to save data and to gather more educational material. You can use the setting to watch more videos. 

youtube app data saving settings

Just by turning on the data saving mode in YouTube can save up to 27 % of internet data although there are multiple options in the data saving settings of YouTube below is the screenshot displaying all the data saver settings which are available in the YouTube app. 

To turn on data saver settings you need to get into YouTube app settings > then scroll down you will find data saving select it > not turn on the data saver and you can even customize these settings which are available in the app. 

6. Time Watched 

As we all know, enjoying the content on YouTube is one of the favorite tasks that we all enjoy. But have you ever noticed how much time you watch or spend on YouTube apps? 

Time Watched

Then YouTube apps give us functionality to see how much we watch in the last 7 days for the full analytics of videos watched by us in minutes, hours. 

In The below image you can see how much time I have spent on the YouTube app. Let me know yours in the comments below. 

Why is it necessary to check it? It’s our responsibility to live our life perfectly with the balance of digital exposure and good physical health. 

Ok so that’s it for today I have mentioned the six YouTube settings that you need to know and you should use them once. I hope you like today’s article. Let me know in the comments how much time you spend and what about this article. What are your thoughts? 

By the way, have a nice day. It’s me Kunal Kashyap from backdroid.com. 

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