7 Ways to Download or Save Youtube Video

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There could be 1000 ways to download a youtube video.

Take a pause and this article has the seven easy ways to get your favorite youtube video into the phone’s gallery. Or to Save YouTube Video.

However, YouTube also provides Save functions for videos. But can only be viewed from the YouTube app. 

This is why?




Ultimate benefits you’ll get after reading this entirely. I have tried and tested all the ways. They work 100% of the time.

Download YT Video

This is also useful when you want these three things:

  • Download a specific part or Save a trimmed Video.
  • Convert Videointo MP3 or WAV format.
  • Or to convert the Video into GIF.

Let’s get started with step 1 to Save YT videos.

Save Youtube Video All the 7 Ways to get it Download!

7 Ways to save youtube videos, featured gif

Below I have listed all the seven insane methods that anyone can use in 2022 to get the youtube video to watch offline or into a smartphone’s gallery.

This is the sum of all the top articles on Google that ask if they could help you get the youtube videos into downloads.

Method 1

To perform the video download of any youtube video using method no. 1, try this.

  • Copy the Youtube video link.
  • Paste it into the Browser.
  • Add “SS” before youtube’s first letter (Y).
  • And hit enter.

Example: https://youtube.com/watch?v=C6MVEwl0ceI&t TO ssyoutube.com/watch?v=C6MVEwl0ceI&t

ScreenShot How it looks like:

Saving Youtube video with ss

Method 2

To Save any youtube video or to download a trim youtube videos, or convert videos into Audio or GIF format in various qualities. Then use method no.2; try this.

  • Copy the Youtube video link.
  • Paste it into the Browser.
  • Remove the “ube” from the link (yout.com).
  • And hit enter.

Example: https://youtube.com/watch?v=C6MVEwl0ceI&t TO yout.com/watch?v=C6MVEwl0ceI&t

ScreenShot How it looks like:

Yout Video Saver Online

Above is the best way to Download trimmed youtube videos directly. This browser trick will help you download Youtube videos in MP3, WAV (Audio), and GIF. Also read: 3 Easy tips to Save Data on YouTube.

Method 3

Save youtube videos with subtitles. Then method three can help you!

This way is entirely about doing this with Subtitles.

  • Copy the Youtube video link.
  • Paste it into the Browser.
  • Add “pwn” before youtube’s first letter (Y).
  • Then hit enter.

Example: youtube.com/watch?v=C6MVEwl0ceI&t TO pwnyoutube.com/watch?v=C6MVEwl0ceI&t

Hey? What happened, Its really useful…

ScreenShot How it looks like:

Pwn yt video save

Method 4

Tactic four will give you many options to download Videos and watch it offline.

Method 4 provides all the sites and apps to Save YT videos for free, in many formats, including Video (mp4, WebM, etc.) and audio (mp3, wave, etc.).

  • Copy the Youtube video link.
  • Paste it into the Browser.
  • Now replace Youtube with “Youpak.”
  • And hit enter.

Example: youtube.com/watch?v=C6MVEwl0ceI&t TO youpak.com/watch?v=C6MVEwl0ceI&t

youtube video url from chrome browser

ScreenShot How it looks like:

Downloading Video files from YouTube

Method 5

In this method, we were using Youtube. Yes!

Youtube’s app also allows viewing videos offline by Saving it.

And trust me, I have already watched more than 300 videos offline by downloading them.

  1. Open the Youtube App.
  2. Choose a Video to Download.
  3. Play the Video and tap on the Download button.
  4. Then select the quality to watch the Video offline.
  5. Hit the OK then the video will download.
Downloading video from yourube app itself

With this, don’t forget to save the data.


Here are 3 Easily tricked steps to save internet data by a huge percentage.

Please wait a minute. Here’s a Visual Story from our side, That also mentions 10 Ways to download Youtube Videos.

Visual Story for you

That’s the Story. But let’s move to method number 6.

Method 6

Before we move further, Solve your question that people asked on the internet but not getting accurate answers related to Saving the youtube platform’s Video into the phone’s storage.

  1. Copy and paste the Video URL into the Browser.
  2. Add “pp” after youtube, and It will look like youtubepp.com/xyz.

Example: youtube.com/watch?v=C6MVEwl0ceI&t TO youtubepp.com/watch?v=C6MVEwl0ceI&t

Method 7

To Directly download the mp4 files from youtube to storage, you can buy Youtube Premium.

The subscription included the feature:

  • No Ads on Videos.
  • Play videos on the screen off.
  • Save videos in all quality from 144p to 4K.

ScreenShot How it looks like:

Downloaded Videos from YouTube

These premium features can be helpful when you want to watch youtube videos offline.


There are 10000 ways to Save Youtube videos!

But what is the point when you can use one or two and get the Videos into a smartphone to watch offline?

So, that’s all from Backdroid’s side; You can use these proven methods or so-called “Tactics” To Watch or Download Yt videos on any Android or iPhone device.

Wrapping Up

These are the 7 Ways to Download Youtube Videos on Any Android OS device. Moreover, this can be followed on any iOS device too.

Some of these steps can also apply to iPhone users, and all methods can be used on Android.

I hope this article will help you when you cannot Save Videos from youtube. By the way, don’t forget to visit our website back. I have something exciting (The X) for you.

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