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Backdroid is a blog devoted to Android OS. We Cover How-tos and tutorials and a List of the Best Apps and Games. Find with Backdroid. Fix with backdroid.

What is Backdroid?

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Backdroid is an independent blog that helps users to solve their problems with our How-tos and guiding articles. Moreover, it provides a list of the best apps and games.

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Backdroid was started back in May 2020 by Kunal Kashyap. This Blog is motivated to solve personal problems with apps, smartphones, and Android OS.

Smartphones get bugs every day! But there are very few blogs that share the real stuff (steps) to fix that.

That’s why At backdroid.com it’s a blog centric on Android OS and its apps and games. The Blog also provides the Best Apps and Games for Android. Moreover, the tutorials fix some issues.

Backdroid Summary| Description

We enable our readers to solve android errors and issues and share the list of apps and games. We teach them how to use smartphones and gadgets like a pro.

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Backdroid meaning in one line: Backdroid is a blog for Android OS. We help readers to find the Best Apps and Games and help them to solve errors with our fixes.

Backdroid’s Motive

The primary motivation is to provide the best value for their time in a fun way. They are reading “How to” articles or Scrolling through the list of best apps and games is boring.

We fix it with our highly user-engaging and interactive articles using gifs and memes.

How and When?

Backdroid started with a college kid who wanted to serve the best with his content, named Kunal Kashyap.

It started as a seed thought in January 2020, when he acquired the basics of website development and How to write good articles.

Backdroid.com started to run in May 2020. Also, check the CrunchBase Backdroid.

For some time now, Backdroid.com has served around 1 Million people annually with articles.

I hope all this info helps you to know about backdroid.com.

Started InMay 2020.
Founder and CEOKunal Kashyap.
Topics coveredAndroid Apps, Tutorial, Games, Reviews.
Site Age2 Years 8 Months.
Moto:The Apps, Games, and Tutorials!

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Our Team

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Backdroid has six writers who are writing articles for us. Some already write content for big sites like insturtable.com, howtogeek, etc. Check the team page from here.

Here are all our writers:

Kunal Kashyap

Kunal Kashyap is already writing articles for Backdroid. He is also known as the CEO and the Founder of Backdroid.com. And belongs to India.

Ruchi Kashyap

Ruchi Kashyap started writing for Backdroid in June 2021. She is a good writer and previously wrote articles on Quora, which get 1.3 Million views every month.


Kolex is a tech enthusiast, and He’s 23. He mainly writes content about How to create visual stories for us.

Jay Kapoor

Jay Kapoor is a tech geek. He’s a fabulous writer. From 2013 to date, writing content. 

Jay shares the Tips and Tricks on the Blog.

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If you want to get in touch: mail us: at [email protected]

Our Publishing Policy

Here at BackDroid, we strive every day to do the following :

  1. To ensure that we bring you the best and most valuable articles possible.
  2. All articles are factually correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of publication.
  3. That our staff acts professionally and reasonably towards everyone mentioned in their articles. No biases allowed!
  4. Our staff makes recommendations to our readers based on their actual preferences and not due to any monetary influence by a third party.

Please note that :

  1. We do not accept sponsored paid content under any circumstances.
  2. When we mention products in our articles, we may link an affiliate code to them. This will give us a small nominal payment by the eCommerce platform (usually Amazon) if you click on the link and buy the product.

Disclaimer Note

All product names, logos, copyrights, and trademarks mentioned are acknowledged as the registered intellectual property of their respective owners.

Some Rumors are based on the tips given by the sources. Sometimes they can be confirmed, and they can’t be. We try our best to verify the authenticity but cannot verify them in every case.