How to Access Audio Files on Android | Where are voice recordings stored on Android?

How to Access Audio Files on Android: If you have recently recorded any of your voices and wanted to locate that file then here is the exact tutorial for it. 

How to Access Audio Files on Android

Reading this article will help you to find out recordings of voice recordings on Android. This question being asked by Mr. Jackson they ask where are my voice recordings stored on Android? 

  • 1. Open the File manager.

    So to locate your recorded voice on android you need to get into your file manager. Mainly all your voice has been recorded into the internal storage.  

  • 2. Tap on Music Folder.

    So get into the internal storage from the file manager. Then scroll down and select the music folder. 

  • 3. Get Into Standard Recordings Folder.

    In this folder, you need to select recordings and then there is another folder called standard recording you need to tap on it to see all your voice recorded on Android. 


This is how to find voice recordings on Android. It’s an easy tutorial to find the recorded voice on android. 

Where is Android Sound Recordings Stored?

Ok so let me summarise everything I showed you in this article to find my recordings on Android. 

  • Open the file manager. 
  • Yeah, get into the internal storage then tap on the music folder. 
  • Now you need to tap on recordings then you need to select standard recordings to find out all your recorded voices. 
  • In this folder, all the voice recordings have been stored.

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