How to Add Birthdays to Google Calendar App On Android

Step-by-step procedure to Add birthdays to the Google calendar app. It can be followed on all Android devices.
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Do you want to add someone’s birthday to your Google calendar on your Android device using Google’s calendar app so that you will get notified on that particular day EVERY YEAR? 

Forgetting birthdays is one of the worst things we all suffer from; sometimes, I forget my friend’s birthday, who wishes me every year. Can you imagine how hurt it feels when you wish someone every year, and they forget to wish you back? Today I will teach you How to add birthdays to Google Calendar App.

So without wasting any more time, let’s dive into: Adding birthdays to Google calendar.

To Add Birthday into Google Calendar App on Android – Tutorial

Let’s start with the first step, where you require something; you all need the Installed Google Calendar app and Your sharp brain. 

Below is the complete procedure

  • Open Calendar App > Tap on the Month to get all dates shown 
  • Here, tap on the date you want to set a birthday reminder. 
  • Tap the Add button > Event 
  • Then Fill in all the Details > Save it to succeed at the birthday reminder. 

That’s how you can add anyone’s birthday reminder or set a birthday reminder on Google Calendar App easily, but if you didn’t get the steps, below is the in-depth tutorial which will take 2 minutes to read. Those for whom you are doing this will get some happiness. If the Google App is not working, Learn More.

Easy Steps to Set a Birthday Reminder on Google Calendar App on Android 

This is the in-depth tutorial you can follow to set a reminder for anyone’s birthday whom you want to wish first. 

step 1: Choose a date

Select a date to add a birthday reminder
Step 1: Select a date to add a birthday reminder

step 2: Select ‘tap to create

Now create or add birthday in calendar
Step 2: Now create or add a birthday to the calendar

step 3: fill in all details

Fill all the details
step 3: Fill in all the birthday details
Added birthday in google calendar
Birthday added to Google calendar app

A listicle

  • Firstly, open the Google Calendar app and tap on the month, like this September. I am tapping this September month. Here are all the 30 days of September. 
  • Now tap on the date on which their birthday is on, i.e., or tap on the date on which you want to set a reminder.
  • After this, tap on the plus button and then touch on the event. 
  • A new window will appear where you have to label the event like ‘Backdroid’s Birthday’ and fill in all the necessary details. And don’t forget to set this reminder every year so that it will remind you every year on this date.

That’s easy! This is how you can set a reminder for someone’s birthday or any event you want. 

Here is my saddest story of mine: on my birthday, 2nd June, very few people are there to wish me, and very few people call me to wish me my birthday. Only my cousins and a few family members tend to wish me every year. Just telling you because it hurts when you remember everyone’s Birthday and nobody remembers your birthday.

Anyway, I hope you like this tutorial (From Backdroid How-Tos & Tutorials), and I am dropping a video below. You can watch this video if you have any queries or want to see how it works on screen. This video has shown how to add a birthday reminder to the Android calendar. 

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I hope you get all the steps and know how to add a birthday to the calendar or the Google calendar app. So let me know in the comments when your birthday is, and I will make sure to wish you every year, and that’s my promise. Let’s see who’s going to comment below.

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