How to Add or Remove Widgets Android (Home Screen)

This is how to add a widget to the Home screen on Android. A Short and Quick article to add a widget on Android Home screen.
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Suppose you wanted to add widgets on Android or want to remove a widget. This is the exact method that can be used for any smartphone which runs on Android. 

This article will help you to add a widget to the home screen and remove also. And we will add a few video tutorials to add width to Android’s home screen.

Main image where add widget to home screen is written and on the left top backdroid logo is displayed.

To add a widget to your Android home screen, follow these steps:

  1. Long-press on an empty space on your home screen.
  2. Tap “Widgets”.
  3. Find the widget you want to add and tap on it.
  4. Drag the widget to the desired location on your home screen and release your finger.

To remove a widget from your Android home screen, follow these steps:

  1. Long-press on the widget you want to remove.
  2. Tap “Remove”.
  3. Tap “OK” to confirm.

I hope this helps!

How to Add Widget To Android HomeScreen

add widgets icon highlighted
choosing a widget to add highlighted
adding and placing a widget on homescreen
  1. Get on the home screen first; Tap and Hold the finger on the Home screen.
  2. Now tap on Widgets.
  3. It will unlock additional settings; look for the widgets you want to add.
  4. Drag the widget, then drop it on the Home screen.

Tip: Some apps come with widgets. Touch and hold the app. Then tap Widgets.

  1. This is how to add the widgets from Android or the devices from the iOS home screen.
  2. As I mentioned, I will share a video tutorial to do this that is given below; I hope you found it helpful.

I know; Adding widgets doesn’t require that lengthy Article (blog post), but still…

Doing my duty, so below is a little in-depth explanation of how to do it.

removing a widget from android screenshot

Here are some additional tips for adding and removing widgets:

  • You can add as many widgets to your home screen as you like, but be careful not to overload it.
  • You can also move widgets around on your home screen by long-pressing on them and dragging them to a new location.
  • To resize a widget, tap and hold on it and then drag one of the corners to make it bigger or smaller.
  • Some widgets have multiple pages. To switch between pages, swipe left or right on the widget.
  • To remove all widgets from a home screen, tap and hold on any empty space on the home screen and then tap “Remove all”.


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Why use widgets, and Is it useful.?

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