Airtel balance check: data, validity, main balance, sms

This is how to check airtel balance like airtel data balance, plan validity, sms and everything in 2 minutes with airtel balance check number to Try now! 

Airtel is the 2nd leading company in India and serves more than Thousands of GB data a day. Do you use airtel 4G? Of course Yes and probably wants to check your airtel balance whether it’s airtel’s data balance, call balance or SMS balance.

Today I am gonna show you how to check airtel balance like your data usage in airtel, your plan validity, your current traffic plan in airtel etc.

If you read this post for 2 minutes only I’m sure that you will know how to check airtel balance.

How to check airtel balance Data, validity, traffic plan, data usage

As we all know airtel is the fastest 4G network in India and millions of customers use airtel 4G. And that’s why airtel has thousands of different traffic plans, data boosters etc.

Airtel balance check number (no.) 

If you just dial this number you will get every single detail of your airtel sim card like your plan validity, your today’s data usage, SMS lefts and data add ons.

Here is a picture that will tell you how the information or “message” look like

checking airtel balance

So to check your balance in airtel just give a miss call on “*123#” and get all the details. After dialing this code you will receive a popup in which all the details like your data usage, your plan validity and your existing plan SMS left are included.

Let me tell you one thing that SMS won’t charge you any money. It’s free of cost.

How to check airtel net balance

So just dial *121*2# to know your airtel net/data balance easily.

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How to check balance in airtel via Call

If you call on this number you will get every single detail of your airtel sim card whether it’s your data today’s data usage your SMS left everything you will get here just by calling on this number.

To check airtel balance call 198 or 121 then select your language by pressing 1 and 2 then hear and respond using your keypad.

And you will be surprised that they have multiple Indian languages like Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi and many more. Airtel makes their customers happy.

How to check airtel balance via

So in case you have to check your airtel balance using their official website then simply use the below procedure to do so.

Airtel balance check online
  • Go to and tap on login or go to Airtel selfcare
  • Then enter your number and fill the OTP to sign in
  • Now The Follow Up Page Will Have all your account details like data validity data usage your Airtel balance everything.

So this is how you actually can check your airtel balance using their official website and you can also recharge from their website with different plans and different data add ons.

Airtel balance check code 

You can dial *121# Indian reply Bittu to know all your Airtel balance here is a screen shot that I had taken honestly I had zero balance.

Aur you can dial *121*2# to directly get all your Airtel balance. 

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How to check airtel balance using airtel thanks app

Airtel thanks app is one of the best that is provided by Bharti airtel. This app helps us to track all over sim details and we can do so many things like we can buy airtel broadband, we can Recharge from it and we can do everything with this.

track your airtel data usage

But today our main motivative is to check our airtel balance is to do this.

  • Download airtel app from Google Play Store
  • Sign in with your airtel number
  • Now the following page will get all your account details just by scrolling up it down and tapping on that detail.

Or try this 

  1. Open your My airtel app
  2. Then tab on three lines which is on the top left hand side
  3. Then you will see a plans option click on it
  4. Now you can know all your airtel balance: validity, sms, data.

So that’s it guys these are the best ways to check your airtel balance by using their official website by using their official mobile app by calling on their customer care number just by dialling number and receiving all your plan details with an SMS.

So here are some of the USSD codes that will help you in the future for this bookmark our site.

All USSD codes for airtel : Balance, data, validity etc codes

USSD DetailShort Code
Airtel Balance & Validity Check Code*123#
Airtel SIM Mobile Number Check Code*121# | *282# | *121*9#
Airtel Special Recharge Offer Check Code*121*1# | Visit URL
Airtel 4G Data Balance Detail Check Code*121*2# and Proceed on ‘1’
Airtel Upcoming Pack Detail Check Code*121*2# and Proceed on ‘2’
Airtel Recharge with Coupon Code*121*3#
Start/Stop Airtel VAS Service*121*5# | *121*7#
Airtel Digital TV Balance & Validity Check NumberCall on 8130081300
Airtel Balance Deduction Summary Check Code*121*7# and Proceed on ‘1’
Airtel Last Recharge Detail Check Code*121*7# and Proceed on ‘2’
Airtel Unlimited Cafe Pack for 1 Hour*121*8#
Airtel Smart & Data Pack Detail Check Code*121*10# | *121*11#
Airtel Payment Bank Balance and Other Details*121# and Proceed on ‘9’
Airtel Talktime Balance Transfer Service*141# | Call on 52141
Take Airtel Advance Talktime Loan*141#
Airtel Internet Data Loan Code*141#*567# (Service Terminated)
Airtel Ask Talktime Service*141#
Airtel Call me Back SMS Service*141#
Airtel Mobile Internet SettingsSend SMS “MO” to 54321 (Toll-Free)
Activate/Deactivate Airtel DND ServiceVisit URL
Port Airtel Mobile NumberSend SMS PORT <Mobile Number> to 1900
Airtel Caller Tune USSD Code*678# OR Call on 543215
Airtel Miss Call Alert Service Code*888#
Airtel Customer Care & Complain NumberCall on 198 OR 121
Change Airtel Service Menu Langauge*121# and Proceed on ‘1’
Find Nearest Airtel Store Address Check CodeSend SMS “ARC”<Pincode> To 121

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