Hellotune: How to set caller tune in Airtel for free 2022

If you ever thought of setting a caller tune in Airtel 4G, today I am gonna show you how you can set a caller tune in Airtel.

Now you don’t need to waste time to find out how to set the caller tune in Airtel.

But surprisingly most of the people did this but you didn’t, thanks for coming here ;D.

Do you know that Airtel calls their caller tune as hello tunes?

What does “Hello tune” mean on airtel? 

Hello Tunes is simply a caller tune that customers(we) use to express themselves. Airtel mobile customers can now enjoy their favorite songs on Wynk Music and also at the click of a button set them as their Hello Tune.

Here’s how to set a caller tune in Airtel  

free calltertune airtel

If you want to set any song as Your caller tune so that whenever someone calls you they will hear that particular tune/song. Then here is the best way to set a caller tune in your airtel sim in 2022. 

To set airtel caller tune 

Here is the easiest way to set a caller tune in the Airtel sim of your choice. 

  1. First of all, install the Airtel wynk app
  2. Now sign up for the Airtel wynk
  3. Then search for a favorite song and play it
  4. Now click on the .as caller tune button
  5. Tap on activate caller tune 

So this is how we can set any song as our Airtel caller tune easily and it is a free process for all the Airtel customers. Also read: Airtel APN Settings for Faster Internet – Backdroid

In-depth tutorial to set Caller Tune airtel 

If you didn’t catch the above procedure to set a caller tune on your Airtel mobile number then definitely here is the in-depth tutorial that will help you to set a caller tune on your number easily in 2022. Also check: How to Tutorials

Step 1: Download the app

So first of all, go to the play store and search for The airtel wynk app

Step 2: Signup for wynk

Now download this app and sign up for it for signup you have to add your number and you will receive an OTP on your Airtel number just put the OTP and you will get the free wynk subscription

airtel hellotunes

After getting the free subscription you can listen to the trendy songs for free and even you can download them 

Step 3: Select your song
airtel callertune button

The next step is to search for your favorite song that you want to set on your caller tune in Airtel SIM search for it to play the song.

Step 5: Hellotunes airtel

And just below the song there are few options like download the song, share the song and hello tunes click on the hello tunes button and you will get two to three options of the songs of hook lines or tunes

Step 6: Activate callertune airtel
activate airtel caller tune

Select the hook line that you want to set a new caller tune then tap on activate button to set that particular tune to your caller tune

To set Caller Tune without wynk app 

If you want to set a caller tune in your airtel sim without using the wynk app which is provided by the Airtel officials to listen to your favorite songs and set them as caller tune. 

Here’s how to check airtel balance because in airtel it’s a bit hard to check your airtel balance. 


To select Song/Subscribe Dial *678#
SMS 543215
Call 543211
Record a song 57878
To Copy Hello TunePress *9 (for Airtel nos only)
To copy Hello tune(other)Call 543211, Follow IVR
To SET Song by SMS SET <songcode> to 543211
To SET Song by Call Call 543211-songcode

Set caller tune in Airtel for free 

So if you are thinking that Airtel wynk is a paid app and you can’t say that caller tune so it’s a myth that Airtel wynk is not free because it is a free app to all the Airtel customers.

To get the Airtel wynk for free you have to just sign up using your Airtel mobile number and enter the OTP and its validity till your plan expires. When your plan expires the validity of Wynk music will also expire but till then you can enjoy the caller tune and whenever you recharge it will renew that particular caller tune and set it to your hello tune in Airtel 4G.

How to deactivate airtel hello tunes? 

  • Open Messaging app on your mobile phone.
  • Go to send New SMS and Type a message “STOP” and send it to 543211.
  • Then, You will receive a confirmation message from Airtel officials stating hello tune has been removed from your num.

So this is how to set the caller tune in Airtel or you can say set Hello tune in Airtel. I hope this tutorial will help you to get the caller tune of your choice.

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