Alternative to Omegle ; 7 Apps that replace

Omegle Alternative; Now the people can't skip you. Check all the 7 apps that can replace The simple blog to get mingle?
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Finding the Omegle alternative, then here’s what I got for you,

In this article, I have listed all the omegle alternatives to talking with strangers over voice and video calls.

Ya, Even on texts!

However, finding the right app that competes with the omegle is quite challenging.

Anyways, Scroll below to check the apps to use instead of omegle.

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Omegle App Alternative that you are keenly looking for

Alternative To Omegle

Omegle is not just an app; it’s a feeling for all single people. This app can turn single people into mingles (get into a relationship).

So, I know the desperation that you have.



Note: We’ll share some really funny shorts in between the blog.


1. Alpha: Meet strangers all around the world

This is the first application that is going to compete with the legend.

Alpha Omgle Alternative

Alpha is also based on the same concept of meeting and talking to strangers. Know what the interesting part is?

You can post short videos, and maybe people could talk with you over call and text on that basis.

Here’s the description from Google Play.

Alpha is helping you meet new friends all around the world. We provide real-time translation to make you talk to foreigners in different languages without any barriers. Moreover, we will soon have world posts, short videos, and other functions.

Our mission is to bring you a better chatting experience and make friends worldwide!

For all the desperate people, keep going. I’ll share my favorite app in the end.

No, no, no.

Request you not to break the excitement.

2. Azar – Video Chat

Our second application can give a tough competition to omegle.

Azar Video Chat

This app included more features than the competitor app.

  • You can Have real conversations and talks through live video chat.
  • Also, you can Watch videos on Live every day.

Let’s see the app from the play store.

Azar is a video chat app that instantly connects you with millions of others nearby and around the world. On Azar, you never know who you might meet!

3. OmeTV, Your future Video Chat Partner

This app has quite high ratings and good reviews on Google Play.

Ometv video chat

Surely, you can believe me in this, 

Apps with good reviews and ratings have an awesome UX/UI.

Because of that one thing, the entire game flips.

What others skipped, this app includes!

This app is better than any other because it has 1 lakh website visitors active all day and night.

What does that mean…

That means, like other apps Where you have to wait for others. In this app, you don’t have to wait. There’s someone for everyone. Also check: More Alternatives apps for every app.

The Description of OmeTV

Start meeting new people and making friends in OmeTV video chat. Connect with over 1 million mobile users and over 100,000 website visitors chatting online day and night!

The next alternative has a HUGE NAME.

Yes, it won’t be just from the app name.

Please welcome, one and only.

Wait,…. not only.

4. Roulette Chat Omegle Random Video Chat Girls App

This app contains a secret feature that most boys… or girls are waiting for!

Roulette Chat Omegle Random Video Chat Girls App

Do you know what it is?

It’s the filtering option to filter the boys and girls. In that way, you can interact with only boys or girls.

The cherry on the top is that you can filter it country-wise. 

My Omegle dream, read if you want

Let’s say I want to chat with a stranger.

That should be a girl, and then I can apply the filter. Moreover, I can select the country and let’s sit.

I want to chat with someone from the US so that this app can do this.


You don’t notice, but that is my ambition. 🙂

Do check this! This guy is insane! @backdroid1 with his blogpost;

By the below the video is for fun.

Described by the developers of the app.

Hello Omegle App Lovers! Find friends with omega Roulette. Chat! ChatRoulette is as easy as a single swipe!

5. JusTalk – Video Chat & Calls

Not Just Talk; they have a unique name, justalk. This app is similar to omegle, with all the features that omegle has.


YOU: What do unique about Justalk

Developer: Hold my beer = Free calls. *As the app’s developer says.

Justalk description.

JusTalk is a FREE high-quality video calling and messaging app for everyone. It’s simple, reliable, secure, private, and fun, so you can enjoy face-to-face time with family and friends and never miss wonderful group or duo moments.

This app has some good reviews and some bad ones. The majority of the reviews are in the app’s favor. Most refer to this app as similar to omegle.

The App to Flirt?

Here’s an app that says Chat with random & Flirt.

just for you

Stop before you do all this. I don’t recommend it. is not telling you to do this in any manner.

6. Camsurf: Chat Random & Flirt

Not surprisingly, this app has 5 million downloads with a 3.5-star rating. I don’t know whether it is true or false that you can flirt.

Camsurf chat with randoms app

But if you do so, as people try on the omegle app platform, someone will skip you.

See the video below.

App’s description.

Camsurf is the world’s favorite 100% FREE webcam messenger for making new friends, finding a date, or simply meeting new people randomly all over the world!

Below is not my favorite app. However, I would prefer this app if I had to select a similar app like omegle.

It says “Alpha”’ An Android app…

Why? It’s from the Omgele’s app developer.

7. Chat Alternative

Technically, its the last alternative to omegele known as chat alternative.

for fun gif of what is that

I prefer this app if I have to choose an app from all the alternatives of omegle.

App’s description.

Chat alternative

Meet new people, talk about sports and find true love – ChatAlternative is a worldwide community waiting to chat with you. You don’t have to go very far to meet random strangers and socialize. You can meet thousands of new people from the comfort of your own home daily.

Chat Alternative brings you together with people from dozens of different countries so you can video chat with the world. When using this app, you will experience face-to-face conversations with people halfway across the globe or even people who live just a mile.

Anything Else?

This is all about similar apps like omegle or the best omegle alternatives to try on all platforms like Android, iOS, and Web.

Today’s article is completely about the alternative application. You Won’t believe how rude people can be.

I wrote this article and did the research for all the omegle-like applications, but they won’t share it. And know what, they are massive…

Only 0.5% of the people take the incentive to share this article with others. Do share now.

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