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3 Most Secure Alternatives of WhatsApp Messenger

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Now WhatsApp is not a Secure Messenger!! Your whatsapp chats and Profile are not secure.

But 87% of Whatsapp Users still don’t know about this new policy, Which can share all the information about you.

Therefore, Here is the Good news. Today I will share 3 Most Secure Messaging apps for Android. In other words Best alternative of Whatsapp Messenger.

What Information does Whatsapp Collect from Us?

By Beebom

Whatsapp collects our Phone Model, OS, Battery Status, Signal strength, Time zone, IP address, Profile Picture, Groups details, About infi, Payment and Transaction, Whatsapp usage and Status updates.

So without taking any time let’s dive into the: Best alternatives of WhatsApp Messenger

Signal Private Messenger- Alternative of Whatsapp

Signal Private Messenger

The signal messenger suggested by Elon Musk on Twitter, This app has more than 10 Million downloads. Their motto is – “Say hello to Privacy”.

This app creates a hype in the Messaging market after the new privacy and policy of Whatsapp.

Here is the Tweet from Elon Musk:

Elon Musk tweet in Signal Private Messenger


  • Best secure messaging app 
  • Your chats are end to end encrypted and it keeps your conversation Secure.
  • New alternative of Whatsapp


  • Delays in chatting (around 5-8 Seconds)
  • Many bugs and Issues

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Next alternative which I’m going to show you is:::)

Telegram- Best alternative of Whatsapp Messenger 2021

Best Alternative of Whatsapp Messenger

Overall telegram is the best messaging app and has more than 500 MILLION downloads and it’s the Editors Choice.

The app is completely based on Speed and Security.

In fact, I have been using the telegram messenger for the last 6 months with WhatsApp But now I am not going to use WhatsApp because of their new privacy policy update.

Telegram is a Lightweight Messaging app, It’s total size is 24 MB.


  • You can add 2 Lakh people in One group and create your Custom channels like mine one, Don’t forget to Join here.
  • Instant messaging- Fast and secure messaging app
  • Store your data in SD card
  • Simple and 100% free alternative of Whatsapp without ads.


  • No cons for this

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Telegram X- Second best alternative of Whatsapp

Telegram X Alternative of Whatsapp

The best alternative of WhatsApp is telegram and second alternative of WhatsApp is telegram X this app also comes from the official telegram developers but there is a slight difference between the telegram and telegram x.

Difference between Telegram and Telegram X?

The regular Telegram app has the dedicated calls option on the menu. On Telegram X, chats and calls are separated by tabs, which is something you see on WhatsApp. … Telegram X also feels noticeably faster than the regular Telegram thanks to its fluid animations.

Source: Techweez

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Now I hope you got the difference between the telegram and telegram X messaging app. They are the best alternatives of WhatsApp that you can use right now.

And it depends on you which app you want to use.

There are lots of apps available on Playstore. They can be the alternative of WhatsApp but they are not fast and Secure that’s why I showed you only 3 apps for this post.

Let me sum up all of these 3 apps which can be the alternatives of WhatsApp

  • Signal Private Messenger
  • Telegram- Best alternative of WhatsApp
  • Telegram X 

Imagine that you have to choose anyone of them then which app will you use.

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