Amazon Prime Video Not Working: 5 Easy steps to Fix It

Prime Video not working; The actual reasons Why This is happening; Learn how to fix if Amazon prime video stopped. The simple tutorial.
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It’s incredibly infuriating when error codes on your Amazon Prime Video bombard you while streaming, giving you some needless off-screen time.

However, Waiting for a video to buffer and load with the grace of a slow cruise is pretty reasonable.

But things usually take an undesired turn when it stops working altogether. To cut and to chase, the problems are typically underlying, and there are several. 

If your Amazon Prime stopped working, here’s everything you should know about fixing it. This article is helping more than 567 people to fix prime video not working.

Why Does Your Amazon Prime Video Stop Working?

Most issues with your Amazon Prime Video not working emanate from slow internet. Even so, it’s usually a good idea to check if the software or hardware in your device is in perfect shape. 

Reason Why Does Your Amazon Prime Video Stop Working

However, the fault doesn’t always need to be on your part since the Amazon Prime Video servers can be inactive or down.

In that case, it’s usually recommended to be patient enough for the issue to be resolved. But as you shuffle around trying to find the root of your Amazon Prime Video not working, you should check if it’s supported in your region in the first place.

While Amazon Prime Video is a renowned worldwide streaming service, it’s not operational in a few geographical regions. 

Due to geo-restrictions, Prime Video doesn’t have the legal authority to operate in Iran, mainland China, Syria, Russia, and North Korea. So before buying a membership, some little acquaintances can come in handy. 

before you go gif

Amazon had had its fair share of criticism when it chose to withhold support for other devices in the past but now allows it for most of them. Regardless, these devices can have a few issues that jam your Prime Video streaming.

How to Fix Your Amazon Prime Video When It’s Not Working

Amazon Prime Video Not Working: And How to Fix It

As you already know, poor internet connection is usually the genesis of your Amazon Prime Video not working. And as such, you’ll face numerous error codes depending on your connection’s specific issue. Remember, it must clock various speeds for specific streaming qualities, including the standard, high definition, and 4K. 

However, remember that other problems can lead to your Prime Video jamming. Here are some quick fixes for your Prime Video not working.

1. Check Your Internet Connection

check internet

Having a stable internet connection is the key to solving Prime Video issues, and it helps to have one that doesn’t cause buffering. If your internet connection runs at low speeds, it’s doubtful it’ll run seamlessly. 

Therefore, start troubleshooting it by opening a different browser to see if it works. If not, please reboot your WiFi router, turn your phone’s airplane mode off and on, or check your mobile network carrier data balance. Sometimes switching to a new network works, but that can sometimes be way over the edge. Regardless, you can improve your bandwidth by pausing other activities. 

2. Browser or App Update

update the app

If your browser isn’t up to date, then be ready for some nagging moments of blank screens and error codes. Before grabbing your chips and sinking into your sofa, please ensure you’re using an up-to-date browser.

Check if your Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome browsers are the latest versions. And if you’re using your smartphone, please check in PlayStore or AppStore, ascertaining that no pending updates exist. 

3. Delete The App and Reinstall It

uninstall apps and games

Sometimes doing it the hard way is the best way to go. And as cruel as it seems, it usually works. Wipe the app out, including its installation packages and everything that tags along with it. You can then reinstall it afresh, and you never know how much of a revelation it can be. 

4. Restart Your Device

Restart Phone

Perhaps deleting the app might not seemingly be a good idea, so how about the easiest way out. Restarting your devices gives it a fresh breath to load the internet at full capacity and declutter the processors. Besides, it’ll reconnect the device to the servers and help with quick loading.

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Prime video not working can be mind-boggling, especially if all you want is to grab your popcorn and unwind. 

But, it doesn’t have to be a nagging and recurring issue all along if you can stop this issue right on its tracks. 

If the fault is on your part, it’s an easily solvable problem. But if the Amazon Prime Video servers are down, it’s best to be patient and wait for the problem to resolve.

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