Best Android Apps 2022, How many of these do u know?

Android Apps 2022: Most New, Productive & Insane Apps. List of Best Apps for 2022. This year try them. Otherwise, you know the “FOMO”.
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Here are some of the BEST ANDROID APPS 2022 that matter in 2022! Check the Best Apps for 2022 below!

Hey! This article has listed many great apps that are perfect for 2022. 2021 was the year where We all were kept in our houses because of this pandemic, but when it comes to Android apps, there have been a lot of apps that have gone viral, and some of the best apps in 2022 have been listed here. 

These apps can help you skip ads, improve your productivity, and show off your smartphone with various animations. So let’s dive into the best apps for 2022. 

an gif for apps 2022

Best Android Apps 2022 

Below are some of the apes whose functionality is worth millions but available for free*. The list of Best Android Apps for 2022.

1. Colourize Images – 1st Best Android App 2022

This app can fill colors into Black and white photography. This App has been reviewed by 11 thousand of people & has a 4 Star rating. This app size is just 8MB, which shows the talent of their developer. Completely easy to use.  


  • Colourize Images is an automatic Machine Learning based service to colorize black and white, grayscale, or night vision photos.
  • Effortlessly colorizing images, this is a decent app in terms of machine learning.

2. Pika Charging Show 

Pika CS is an app that gives a cool look to the phone while charging. It shows some of the cool charging animations. This app has more than 100s of pre-designed templates that you could use to make your phone super unique. 

Pika Show App Features
Pika Show App desgins
Pika Show App Features


  • Charging animation is automatically (After connecting to the charging cable) displayed.
  • Designed to make the picture smooth without frame drops!

3. DroidCam

Droid Cam app helps you to use your phone’s camera as WEbcam, which sounds fabulous! I used this app several times to test it and was surprised, and it won my heart! This is an excellent app with a small file size: of 3.7MB. Using this application can increase the webcam picture quality. Also, Check out: Best Camera Apps Android 2022

DroidCam - Webcam for PC Screenshot, features
DroidCam - Webcam for PC Screenshot, features 1
DroidCam - Webcam for PC Screenshot, features

Feature of the App

  • Use other (non-camera) apps with DroidCam in the background.
  • It keeps working with the screen off to conserve battery.
  • Completely free, with no usage limits or watermarks.
  • Connect over Wifi or USB*.

4. BuzzKill

Buzzkill is a (paid app 2022) but first, see its features and benefits. This App can customize the notifications you receive and help you filter them. 

Imagine: there were times when you were in a FRIENDS group, and everyone was constantly chattering in! On the other hand, you are doing some work, but notifications keep popping up. There’s nothing worse than this. Oops, there can be the worst section where many friends are in a group. 

To normalize this, This app has a Cooldown feature that could help you in these situations. 

BuzzKill - Notification Superpowers App SS 3
BuzzKill - Notification Superpowers App SS 2
BuzzKill - Notification Superpowers App SS


  • Dismiss – Automatically swipe away any notification you don’t want to see without hiding all notifications for that app.
  • Remind me – I keep buzzing you until you see a notification.
  • Undo – Gives you a second chance to tap on a notification when you accidentally swipe it away.
  • Cooldown – Don’t get buzzed multiple times when someone messages you multiple times in quick succession.

5. Moises

Moises is the ultimate app that has superpowers like IRON MAN! Not kidding. This app can Extract voice and instrumental sounds from any Song. It Isn’t cool. You often wanted the BGM(Background music) or the voice of any artist. Then Moises can help you with it.

moises app screenshot
moises app screenshot 1
moises app screenshot 2

Features of Moises App

  • Extract and remove vocals from any song
  • Isolate instruments from any audio/video file
  • Pitch changer: transpose music to your key of choice
  • Speed changer: speed up or slow down a song

6. SnapDrop 

Snapdrop is the solution for file sharing between PC and Smartphones. This app is a file-sharing app for android that can share Files with your PC without taking much time. Below is what the developer says about their app: 

sanpdrop file sharing app 2022
transfer files 2022
snapdrop 2022

Snapdrop is a local file-sharing solution that completely works in your browser. A bit like Apple’s Airdrop, but not only for Apple devices. Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone, Mac – no problem at all!

However, even if it theoretically would fully work in your browser, you will love this app if you want to use Snapdrop more often in your daily life. Files are sent even faster thanks to perfect integration into the Android operating system. Directly from within other apps you can select Snapdrop to share with.

7. Darkinator 

Darkinator app is based on most people’s problems while using the Dark mode. When you switch to dark mode, the wallpaper doesn’t change. Which transforms your phone into a Light mode theme. So, this app is perfect for highly personalized smartphones.

darkinator android app 2022
Darkinator app logo
Darkinator Logo

Few More Apps For You

8. NotesNook

Notesnook is a private and end-to-end encrypted notes platform that can be accessed anywhere in the world. The app focuses on privacy first. That means your notes are super private. This App has a bunch of features which are mentioned below. By the way, Have you BOOKMARKED this page yet? Not? What! Bookmark this article of “Best Android Apps 2022” : 

Notesnook screenshots
notesnook app for 2022

Features of NotesNook App

  • A notes app to protect your privacy
  • A Rich and powerful notes editor
  • Built-in App Lock to lock the app with fingerprint so no one can open and peek into your private notes on your device.
  • Backup notes data
    • Create note backups
    • Restore backups
    • Encrypt all your backups optionally
    • Automatic daily, weekly & monthly backups of your data and notes.

9. Burner Guard

An App that comes from India’s top tech youtube: Tech Burner. Burner Guard App bacillary based on privacy. The latest addition of TechBurner’s App will help you get control of your data privacy by checking the apps installed on your Android device. Even though I reviewed this app months back: read it here

Burner guard image

Features of Burner Guard App

  • The app divides apps into easy-to-understand, to-the-point categories – Safe, Extra, and Risky – based on the permissions they ask you to grant. These will tell you exactly how much of a risk an application poses to your data.
  • With ever-increasing privacy concerns regarding third-party apps regarding when our camera or mic is being used. Privacy Indicator tries to resolve the issue by showing a small indicator on the screen whenever an app is accessing your phone’s features.


Q: Where to download free apps for Android?

Ans: There are few app downloading platforms including Google Play, APKPure, GetJar, Aptoide, Uptodown & many more. All these are the applications provided where created apps used to publish their app to reach more people.

Q: What are some of the Best Android Apps on Reddit?

Ans: On reddit there are many people who recommend the best android apps, so, here’s the summary of that; The best apps to Reddit : Slide for reddit, Infinity for Reddit, Joey for Reddit & RedReader.

Q: What are some best apps in 2022 for Android?

Ans: Colourize Images.
Pika Charging Show.
Burner Guard.
HBO Max.
Tencent Video.
Google One.
QQ Music.


I hope you found this article used for we have listed some of the best Android apps for 2022. Even though these are my favorite apps, I recommend anyone to use them in 2022. Moreover, this article is part of Android Apps.

However, your comment matters the most. Let me know in the comments which app you gonna uses first. 

By the way, it seems you are an Android geek. These apps are completely awesome, and some of the apps are available for free and not available in Play Store, but I mentioned all the download links right below the app. 

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