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This is the new year and on this special occasion we all need the Android apps for the new year. In fact everyone needs the Best Android Apps for 2021,

Now today I’m going to show you some of the stunning android apps that you can use the whole year, In other words Best apps for 2021

If you have come for the first time on our website, then first of all a ” Happy New Year ” May god bless you and make your wishes come true.

10 Best android apps for 2021

Now before I introduce the first app for the new year, you might be thinking how this app can fit my personality.. 

Let me introduce the best app of 2021 which going to rock this year because it’s launched recently and the app is;

1) Google Taskmate: Best app for 2021

Taskmate is a new app which can give you pocket money, ya really this app is quite simple like the app gives you some ₹ or dollars just by clicking pictures.

Best android app for 2021

Wait!! Do you want to click amazing pictures then these are the best photo editing apps

The full explanation: this Taskmate app will give you some tasks like “Go to that mall, click a picture from the front” and after clicking the picture the app pays you some dollars like this is a rough figure 0.50$.

Google Taskmate app contains multiple tasks the app is currently in early access but after sometime this will be available for all of us, basically there are just testing the app that is working properly or not.

In my opinion this is the best android app for 2021 because it can give you pocket money..

Now the second android app is my all time favourite even I’m using this app from couples of year, that’s insane! Why because this is best photo editing app of all time.

2) Adobe Lightroom – Complete photo editing

Adobe Lightroom is one of my all time favourite apps. It helps you to edit all your raw pictures into an advanced, top class Photo.

Adobe Lightroom best app for 2021

If you use instagram then this app can really make you a hero, and you will shine like a sun in your group.

Watch this 30 seconds video to get the clear idea how this app can make you a rockstar in 2021;

3) Lose weight at home – Home workout in 30 days

Losing weight at home is my personal favourite app that I will use in 2021 because it’s new year and we all take resolution and I’m fully dedicated towards this resolution.

Loose weight in new year

The apps help you to get fit at home in this new year, it just takes a month to get fat to fit.

Note: It depends on you whether you will use it or not, that’s up to you.

4) Microsoft to do: list, task and reminder for 2021

Microsoft to-do helps you to achieve your goals easily in this year, it’s a productive app that really helps you to become which you want to be in 2021.

The app is easy to use and manage all your list, task everything and anywhere.

Manage all tasks 2021 best android app

Using this app for couples of week I feel that I should use this android app for the whole new year to manage all my tasks.

Now let me introduce the fifth app for 2021, Sometimes we all need to buy things from playstore for example; books, apps, games or any in app purchases etc.

Most of the time we don’t have that much credit to buy things from Google Play Store.

5) Google opinion reward

This is the best app by google that really helps you to get free credit (Money ) just by completing small survey, However it doesn’t take much time the surveys are just a minute long.

Earn money by completing surveys

That’s pretty cool right, Now here is my own example, 

Like you have completed a survey then you get 0.50 $ and sometimes you will get 1-2$.

And this credit will directly go into your Google Play Store account.

6) REFACE: Face swap videos

This app is young, it’s like a new born baby with some super powers, Ya this app can be the best for this year because this app can swap your face with Captain America or Iron man or with anyone.

Swap faces with friends best app for 2021

Reface app is just for fun and also this is the best of fun app in 2020, it has over 10 million download, 

In fact my cousin brother is using this app and making fun of me….

Na! Just kidding, Overall loving this app and swapping my friend’s face with Captain Marvel…

You can also have fun just

7) Sleep stories for Calm sleep: 2nd Best android app for 2021

In today’s world there are lots of tension, depression and anxiety and Because of that we can’t sleep properly.

In fact Myself Didn’t get that proper sleep of 8 hours.

Best app of 2021

Sleep stories help you a lot to get a smooth and calm sleep, the app UI design especially for sleep.

Basically the best app which tells you a different story every night and the stories are just calming.

Sleep stories help me to get a perfect 8 hours of sleep. In my opinion you must use this app Because this is the best app for 2021.

8) VITA a best app for 2021

This is the best video editing app which has been used by more than 5 million people worldwide.

Best app for video editing in 2021

Vita is a simple but powerful video editing app that helps you to edit your videos instantly without any watermark. 

Vita this app is promoted by most of the youtubers, basically the app is new and works stunning in android.

And do you want any video editing app for android there you must see this.

9) Avatoon – Avatar Creator

As it’s name it is the best avatar creator app that can create your best avatar for instagram profiles, whatsapp profiles and many more.

Create avatar of your image

Avatoon has millions of downloads because it’s free, Anyone can make their own avatar image.

This app can also create your avatar stickers for whatsapp, insta and many more and you know what people will definitely ask you “How you doing” 

Finally the last app of the list, everyone wants to surf on the internet yes, do you surf on the internet then do you want the ” Fastest browser for android ” if yes then this is the best browser for android.

10) Microsoft Edge: Web browser

You might probably thinking is this really the fastest browser then let me tell you that we have tested this web browser on different devices, networks and the results are fantastic 10 out of 8 times this app performs very well,

Microsoft Edge Web browser for 2021

In fact I’ve been using this browser for a couple of months and loving it you must give it a try!

Ohh the apps are finished but don’t worry because here is the bonus app for you, That’s your new year gift…

11) Lastpass: Best password manager for 2021

Lastpass, using this app for a long time and it’s my favorite. Nowadays everyone is just creating tons of accounts on instagram, facebook, twitter and many more.

Manage all your password this year (2021)

But the things remain same we all forgot our passwords, this is the second best android app for 2021.

In fact I also forgot my gmail password too many times, but this app will help you to manage all your passwords on mobile or pc.

These are the best android apps that you can use in 2021 and once again a very “Happy New year” welcome the 2021 with best apps of 2021.

Best apps for 2021 , happy new year

By using these apps in 2021 you can improve your daily life and productivity.

Thanks you! Guy’s for reading ‘Can I get some new year wishes’ below

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