9 Android Apps will be Helpful for Everybody to Save Money

“A penny saved is a penny earned.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

So why not save some money? Especially when you can do it with the help of your android smartphone. Here is a list of 10 apps, actually money saver apps if you use them correctly.

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1. Skype


Huh, Skype to save money?

Yes, Using Skype is a great way of saving money on phone calls. You may be able to use your phone line to host your Internet, and then make as many calls as you like. It is simple and highly effective.

2. Quote Pro

This is an app that gives you the most recent and up-to-date stock data and prices. You are also able to add your portfolio and follow them. It allows you to see updates on your portfolio selections with a high degree of accuracy. 

3. PayPal

Paypal on Androids is good because it also acts as a very good money management tool. If you have a budget then you can use Paypal to safely and securely hold your budget, and monitor your spending as well. And if you are a student and your budget is clearly and rationally allocated, you will not worry that you do not have enough money to ask essay writing service uk cheap for help, so you can get excellent grades.  It is easy to excess and therefore your budget and funds amounts are easy to access too. This makes it easy to stick to your budget. 

4. OpenTable

This app has over 10,000 restaurants in America through which you can confirm reservations. The reason this is good for saving money is that you are not limited to your surrounding restaurants.

If you are in a certain area and you want to eat but the only place you can find is expensive, you can use this app to look for the next nearest one at a better price.

Because you can find other restaurants you’re not stuck with having to pay the overinflated prices of one restaurant.

5. Mileage

This is a nice little tool if you are looking to cut the cost of your fuel. It is a nice little tool to track the expenses you incur during transportation and therefore helps you to budget for fueling the future.

It also encourages you to use your vehicle less–when you see how much you are spending. It gives you have a nice incentive to walk or go on a bicycle.

6. Grocery IQ

This is a nice little app, which allows you to manage your grocery list. You will often find that you purchase the same things over and over again, but you cannot remember things you need until you get home.

With a grocery list on your Androids, you can add things that are important throughout the week. For a quicker reference for next time, you are also able to scan barcodes onto the grocery list so that you need to even write down the items you want.

7. Google Shopper

With this app, you can use your phone to take a photograph of a bar code. The app can recognize the barcode and figure out the product’s details as well as other places where you can purchase a product.

This includes places online and places offline. It also tells you how much money the other retailers charge, and how much you will save, and will also give you a few basic details about the product. 

8. Financisto

This is the finance and management app, which allows you to synchronize with your bank accounts to see exactly what is being spent and how much money you have left. It’s also good at allowing you to budget for current and future expenses, as well as recurrent expenses.

9. Currency Converter

This is a very good app if you wish to go abroad. If you are bored, you may have trouble figuring out how much things cost compared to how much they cost at home.

By using this app, you can convert your current funds in your hand–into your home currency so that you know if you are spending too much or too little on certain items. Without a converter, you may be spending too much in certain shops on certain things.

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