What happens if you delete the android data folder?

What happens if I delete the android data folder? Many people might have a question like what if I deleted the android data folder? Will I lose my data? And even more questions including What happens if the android data folder is deleted? 

Here’s what happens if you MISTAKENLY or you are curious to know the answer below is the exact match answer to your question.

What happens if I delete the android data folder?

Nothing is going to happen if the Android data folder is deleted, but It may delete some app files including the cached data, temp files, etc. If the folder has been deleted then I will be recreated by the OS automatically. More than that, This folder can be deleted if there’s no such use of temp files.

But still, one question that is left: is it safe to delete the android/data folder? So, below is the answer to that

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Is it safe to delete the Android/data folder?

It’s completely safe if the device doesn’t have many apps or any useful cached files. If you’re thinking of deleting it then surely you can, but keep in mind that it will be created automatically after deletion.

Summary; Android Data Folder Delete

So, It clearly said that you can delete the Android Data folder. However, it will also delete the cached & temp files of almost all the apps. In some cases, it may also delete the download files from the Browser.

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Q: Can I delete the android data folder?

Ans: Yes, You can delete the System folder of Android data, however, it may also delete the cached files of all the applications.

Q: Will my android be corrupt if I delete the android data folder from the device?

Ans: No, It won’t corrupt the device instead it will clear out all the cached files of the apps. After deleting it, Android will recreate this folder automatically.

Q: Why does Android create the Android data folder?

Ans: It recreates the folder after deletion because apps need a folder to store all their temp or cache files into storage so those files won’t need to be re-created.

Q: Why does my phone have an Android data folder?

Ans: To save or store all the cached files of applications that are installed on the device.

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Today I just showed you all the necessary information about the Android Data Folder which exists on every device which operates on Android. The question that I answered mainly is; is it safe to delete android data files? What will happen if I delete it?

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