Android Demo Mode, Things you forgot! Harmful?

Might you have seen the Android demo mode? But one question that stumbled into our minds is What Android demo mode is?

Demo Mode is found on all the Android operating system devices.

Here’s EXACTLY what Android Demo Mode is? Things you need to know when you think about Demo on Android.

Android Demo Mode

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Android demo mode is an interface that shows a dummy of Android, which shows a fake status bar, whereas WiFi, SIM, and Battery percentage are completely dummy to give it a clean and uncompromised look.

When demo mode is on, the status will be clean, and even the notification bar will disable all alerts, including new ones.

Android Demo Mode Used For

Android demo is especially for the status bar, which changes the status bar into a dormant state and is used for taking screenshots with a consistent status bar state.

Here’s are the three main uses of demo mode;

  1. To create a demo status bar.
  2. To take the screenshots.
  3. And to fix the status bar.

Demo mode is the part of System UI to care for the copy of a clean, clutter-free status or top bar. Here’s how most people used launcher apps that you don’t.

Demo mode stands for demonstration mode on Android, replicating the top bar, mainly used to take screenshots or show the clutter-free UI.

Recently I suffered a lot because this: Why won’t my phone stay connected to WiFi.

But a question is still there?


Android Retail Demo Mode

The retail model can use retail demo mode for checking and testing out device features. In the retail demo mode, you will be allowed to try out all the features without damaging or messing with settings.

Is demo mode harmful

Do you know?

People commented that it is harmful? Is demo mode harmful?

So, here’s the answer.

No, the Android demo mode is not harmful. It’s a way to check the clutter-free top or status bar.

History Of Android Demo Mode

I first encountered this when I had my first phone based on Android Lollipop (6.0) when this mode was first introduced. 

At that time, Youtubers created many tips and tricks videos to use this Demo mode or known as Quick demo.

Now is the time for the essence of this story.

Demo mode is the demonstration option to get a fixed status bar where all the icons are fake and don’t represent the actual value. There are two main types of demo mode, 1. Normal Android demo mode and 2. Retail demo mode.

This is also known as a quick demo on some devices.

It might show you 100% charge or connected WiFi, but it won’t. The mode is designed in such a manner to show how it will look when everything is fine or connected. Also read: WiFi keeps disconnecting Android& ios.


I hope you got every information about the awesomely introduced Demo Mode. Today my motivation is to explain what it is and how it works.

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