Android Lag Fix – 7 Easy Ways to Speed up Smartphones

Android Lag Fix: Whenever you buy a new phone it works fluently even if they are an entry-level, flagship-level, or mid-range smartphone. But after 6-8 months all the smartphones start getting slow or start lagging. 

This is one of the common things that most people experience when they buy a new phone.

That’s why today I am here! Because today in this article I am gonna show you How to Make your Old Android Phone Fast Again or How to Fix lag on Android.

7 Ways to Fix Lag on Android devices 

These are the most practical things that you can do on your Android device that let you achieve faster performance and smooth working devices.

These are the steps that I followed when I have smartphones that have only 1GB RAM or even 2GB RAM. I used them for a year in the era of 4G. Can you imagine how much I suffer from the Android Lag?

Right below this paragraph, there are 7 ways that you can follow to reduce lag in Android.

1. Internal Cleaning 

Clean internal storage

In most Android devices one of the most common issues behind Android lag is the internal storage. 

How does Internal storage impact the device performance? Suppose if the internal storage is full then the device won’t run properly because your internal storage doesn’t have sufficient memory to run the app and the phone smoothly.

To fix Android lag you need to free up the internal storage by storing most of your media or the other files on the SD card or External storage.

What is the Best Way to Move Files? The best way to move all your files from internal storage to SD card is the app by Google called files! This app will help you to transfer all your files from internal to external storage.

2. Restarting Frequently 

Many people don’t know what a restarting impact on Android smartphones is. How beneficial is it for Android devices? So let me tell you one thing, restarting your phone several times a week will increase your device performance by 18 to 23%

Why Restart? Because restarting your phone several times in a week will clear all your cache files and clear all the running apps on RAM Which will make your phone run faster.

In many cases, people forget to restart their Android device and that creates a huge impact on the device performance in the long term so if you want a healthy smartphone then you should restart your phone.

3. Using a Cleaner 

Cleaner apps are the utility apps that help to run smartphones faster than ever because it clears all the cache and the clipboard files even the temporary files(thumbnail) from your Android device and deletes them and don’t worry it is fully safe, it won’t delete the downloaded files or other files.

use a cleaner app to fix lag android

What are the Best Cleaning Apps for Android? If you want to clean your Android then here are the two best cleaner apps that you should try: 

  1. CCleaner
  2. Files by Google

4. Charge before use 

use charged device

Many people nowadays use their smartphones with extremely low battery or even 30-40% battery. And that impacts the Android performance because if your smartphone battery is low then the working efficiency of your device will reduce significantly. 

Even if you play games on your device and the battery is low you will see a significant drop in performance but when your smartphone’s battery is fully charged and you start playing games on your phone you see the performance was amazing at that time. That means it won’t hang/lag.

5. Remove unwanted apps & games 

uninstall unwanted apps

Android OS can install lots of apps and games at the same time according to the storage. But do you know that? storing lots of apps and games on your smartphone can create a huge impact on the device’s performance. Because most of the apps run in the background and even we don’t know about it. 

You can even move all those apps to the SD card and here is a guide on how to move apps to SD cards. 

6. Block the Notifications 

Block notifications on android

By blocking the notifications of all the apps that create notifications on the notification bar you can fix your device performance because apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram always run in the background to check the new messages and threads. If these apps are running in the background and checking for the new messages and threads that fill your RAM and your smartphone starts lagging.

If you block all the notifications from the apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and the other apps that show you pop-ups and notifications every time you open your smartphone then Block all the notifications from settings.

How to block notification of a particular app? 

  • Open Mobile Settings > Apps 
  • Tap on the App who’s notification you want to block
  • Here tap on notifications and Turn Off the Notifications 
block notification to reduce lag on android

7. Use Single Network 

dual sim android

All the Devices support dual sim support with a micro SD card but most people don’t understand how this thing creates a lag issue on Android. 

By using dual sim on a smartphone, it will create more lag on that smartphone because in settings there is an option for auto-detect Network and whenever you change the position it will detect the network automatically in the background which creates lag.

To fix lag on Android just you single SIM card on that particular Android device that is lagging.

Why do Android Devices start lagging?  

There might be many reasons behind Android lag but there are some other reasons that might be possible for the culprit behind the lag.

If your Android is responding too slow, chances are the issue can be quickly fixed by clearing out excess data stored or clearing phone’s cache and deleting any unused apps. A slow Android phone may require a system update to get it back up to speed, although older phones may not be able to run the latest software properly

The Real Reasons: Why Android devices are getting slow?

The real reasons behind lag: 

  1. Insufficient internal storage or the storage is full
  2. Not restarting your device in several weeks 
  3. Storing unwanted apps and games
  4. Not clearing the cache 
  5. Storing files on internal storage
  6. Too many apps open in the background
  7. Not doing 100% charge 

These are the primary reasons why android is running so slow. And above I already discussed all the solutions that you can follow to fix the lag.

Why is my smartphone lagging?

Because of insufficient storage, many apps running in background, Old cache data; These are the primary reason behind smartphone lag.


I hope this tutorial will be helpful for you and might help You to reduce lag on your Android device because most Android devices start getting slow after a few months. Then you should try all these methods that I mentioned in today’s tutorial. 

Have a nice day but if you have any queries then do let me know in the comments. I would love to see your comments below.

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