3+ Best Android Launcher Without Ads! Yes, No Ads

Looking for an Android Launcher Without Ads? Here’s what you want. 

Advertisements are everywhere from Instagram’s homepage to Gmail. But Recently someone asked me “What are some Android launchers that don’t have any ads” or “Are there any free launchers with no ads?”

This is the list of Android launchers! With No Ads. Surprisingly, finding them was tough…

This needs a lot of motivation.

To be honest, You Motivated to find some of the No ads Android launchers, So here’s what you want. Let’s dive in!

Best Android Launchers Without Ads 2022

Last time I had written an article on Best Android Launchers, but this time these apps don’t have any ads. 

1. Simple Launcher 

android launcher without ads
App Logo
SOS feature on android launcher

This is the first launcher on our list. It has a bunch of exciting features that will amaze you! 

Just like its name, the app is pretty simple with a clutter-free UI. Moreover, it is being appreciated by 3234 people, with over a 4.1-star rating on the play store. Sounds cool right. 

Simple launcher is especially for all those minimalist lovers who love simplicity.

baby yoda as an wise man

A wise man said: “The highest form of wisdom is to be simple and live in the beauty of love”.

Simple Launcher App Features 

  • Have support for Big fonts and Icons.
  • This app has a “Control Centre” to manage all the basic settings.
  • It has a Quick SOS Dialer

Dialer are too useful right? Here are Some Dialer App for Android To check after this.

Personal Opinions: This app could fit every age! Completely minimalist launcher app without ads. 

App Basics 

  • App Size: 5.1Mb.
  • Offered by: Cloud Innovation Studio.
  • Rating: 4.1, Rated by 3K people. 

2. Smart Launcher – No Ads 

simple ui feature on smart launcher
live wallpaper feature on smart launcher

Smart launcher app is an insane and cool app. This is the Free Launcher app for android with no ads. It’s really fast and free to use. Smart launcher Ui is pretty simple to use….

Honestly speaking, This app is recommended by my friend! Who lives abroad (Canada). I just messaged him if he has any recommendations for an Android launcher that has no ads. So, he told me about this app. Here’s the truth….

He told me to mention him in my article. 

Smart Launcher App Features: 

  • Easily Sort Apps: You can sort your apps in a drawer in a lot of ways. Like; by name, by date, by frequency, and even by colour! It’s very fun!
  • Real-Time Wallpaper Preview: This feature lets you know how a wallpaper looks on your phone. 
  • Universal Search Available: This is another interesting feature of the smart launcher. 
    • Here’s how it works: When you search anything on this app it will try to find things from your contacts, files, and apps. 

App Basics 

  • App Size: 9Mb.
  • Offered by: Cloud Innovation Studio.
  • Rating: 4.3, Rated by 24K people. 

3. Microsoft Launcher Without Ads

no ads microsoft launcher
landscape mode on microsoft launcher

This Launcher app came from Microsoft officially. This app is awesome. Believe me or not, it has some insane features. Moreover, this app consumes less battery in comparison to other Android Launcher apps. 

This app is fully compatible even if your phone is 5 years old. One of our team members is using it on her 5-year-old phone. And She found this launcher interesting and cool. This also sounds intresting: 7 Easy Ways to Speed up Smartphones.

Below are some of its features that you should consider before installing this Launcher app without ads.

Features of Microsoft Launcher

  • Fully optimised performance: Microsoft Launcher loads faster, uses less memory, is more battery efficient, and has some fluent animations.
  • A Landscape Mode: Most people want a landscape mode on their phones to use it more productively. This app has a landscape mode.
  • Microsoft launcher has Customizable icons; Change icon sizes, designs. (Change App Name/Icon, Do you know this? Learn More here.)
  • Microsoft launcher has no ads. 

App Basics 

  • App Size: 38Mb.
  • Offered by: Microsoft Corporation.
  • Rating: 4.6, Rated by 1,421,310 people. 

These are some great features from Microsoft’s launcher app. 

4. Ruthless Launcher

screenshot of ruthless launcher app no ads
ruthless launcher app no ads

Another great and New launcher app that comes without ads. It has only been a few hours while testing this app but within this small time, it is absolutely clear that this Launcher is one of the best in the business. It has everything you’d want: All the customizations, tweaks… Etc. And yet has no overhead. It is precise and to the point. Highly recommended launcher. Deserve. 

I recommend you try this launcher out. Below is what they said about ads and pay-to-use app

Don’t like ads? We got you covered, this free app contains no ads and no feature is hidden behind any sort of paywall.

Features of Ruthless Launcher App no ads

  • Parity with the latest Play Store release of Shade. Everything, including Grids, Accent Colors, and Smart Unread are all included.
  • Change everything from fonts, icon shapes and sizes, app launch animations, custom grids, swipe gestures, and more.

App Basics 

  • App Size: 5.1Mb.
  • Offered by: Shubbyy.
  • Rating: 4.7, Rated by 3K people.


Q: Why use an Ads free Android Launcher?

Ans: An ad free launcher will provide a fluent experience, and won’t interrupt in between tasks with annoying ads popping up.

Q: Can an Ad free launcher have lots of features?

Ans: Yes, An No ads launcher can also have the features like any other launcher apps even compared to the paid ones.

Q: Does a free launcher take your data?

Ans: No, Only a few Free teacher apps did it but they ask you first for it. Some apps collect the usage information to make their app more smooth & user centric.

Q: What are the best ad free launcher apps in 2022?

Here’s the list of all the free android launchers which are available for free without ads. So, here we go: Smiple laucher, Smart launcher, Microsoft Home launcher & so on.

Android Launcher No Ads; Conclusion

That’s it. In this article, I Had mentioned 4 Android launchers that are completely free to use even though they came without ads. So, Ads won’t interrupt you. This article is the part of our Android Apps page.

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Let me know in the comments, If you have any Advice, It matters the most for backdroid.com. I hope you found this article (On No Ads Launcher App) useful. Have a nice day. 

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