Android Phone says No Service? 3 Best fixes and Reasons

Solved: why does my android phone say no service? And all reasons behind ‘No service error’ (android). 3 Reasons and Solutions given.
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You might have the question: Why does your android phone say there is no service? I will help you fix it. Previously, we solved issues like emergency calls only, t mobile being so slow, etc.

Today I promise this article will help you with android phone no-service errors. I’ll first show you all the reasons and then show you some solutions that can fix it.

Let’s dive into answering your question and giving some techniques to apply to fix it in BackDroid Style.

Why it says no service: You might see a NO SERVICE error because there’s a conflict in network settings. Sometimes, there’s a SIM card issue on the device. However, the most common reason is bugging.

Why it says no service: Some common fixes are two consecutive restarts, clearing the android junk files, and resetting network settings is foremost essential. In some cases, switching the SIM card slot also works.

Why does an Android Smartphone say No Service?

Many factors are working behind, including the SIM card, device and carrier settings, and network settings.

1. Errored Network Settings

Often users try new apps, which’s alright. But some apps might conflict with your current Network setting, which causes an error like this: no service on the phone and no signal on the sim card.

Conflict in the network and mobile data sets can impact how SIM cards work to connect with nearby mobile towers.

Click here or scroll below to fix this conflicted network and other mobile data settings.

2. SIM Card

Timeously, the user changed the settings, resulting in improper SIM card configuration.

A normal SIM card in hand

SIM card configurations such as mobile carrier preferred mobile data sim, i.e., default data SIM, and other settings such as APN and Volte/LTE.

3. An Bug

Bugs are the leading cause of any problem, including when there’s no service on android SIM and you do not see the signal. Also read: How to Increase Network Signal Strength Android.

bug climbing grass
Not these bugs! 🙂

Bugs could be caused by themselves, just like the body, which doesn’t work correctly if it works day and night or works 12 hours a day without much rest.

These were all the main grounds of issues that make the SIM say you have No Service. Below is a sharing of the ways and methods proven to fix Android with no service issues and errors.

funny gif saying but wait there's more

How To Fix Android No Service (Any device)

Okay, so here are some backdroid hacks and practices which are relevant and helpful.

1. Restart the device two consecutive times

Restart Phone

When you encounter a blunder like this, then do the basics. Reset the device for two or more consecutive times.

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2. Reset Network Settings

As I mentioned above, when the phone says no service, there may be clashes and errors in the network settings.

network settings reset button

To fix the network settings, only reset the network settings. We have a dedicated guide on resetting network settings, including screenshots and videos.

Restart Android After Switching to Default Network Settings

Make sure to restart your android smartphone right after you reset those settings. It applies the settings correctly and allows Android to configure those default settings.

MUST KNOW: What will reset network settings do?

3. Clear Android Junk and Hidden Cache

The last fix I suggest is clearing the junk on Android and removing hidden cached data and files.

clearing android cache

If you don’t clear these files, it rarely makes the setting rigid. Even if-won’t change it, it won’t be changing in settings. It would still run on the previous settings.

4. Insert SIM Card into Slot 2

SIM card image with smartphone aside

All the users tend to use SIM in slot one forever. However, sometimes it makes the device not workable, which might cause the no-service, even sometimes TMobile users face no service.


Today I showed you not only why Android shows no service or why a phone says no service but also communicated all the proven ways and texted techniques relevant when this happens.

So I hope you find the article helpful. If it does, comment operator’s telecom name, and I’ll reply with mine.

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