Android Owner: Here’s the Owner of Android OS | Who Owns Android?

Who owns Android, Android Owner these are some questions that are being asked by many users. 

Now Android has its Empire where it is being pre-installed on all the devices. Even though Android is one of the most flexible operating systems for smartphones. 

Generally, questions were being asked by the Android operating system but mainly people wanted to know about the owner of Android OS. 

Who Owns Android OS? 

So there is no conspiracy theory behind the owner of Android, yes it’s Google. Android comes under Google LLC. Google itself develops all the Android updates and even they have their ecosystem where they have Google Play services, Play Store, Gmail, YouTube and many other apps. These apps are being installed on the Android and Google Play services, one of the necessary apps that need to be installed to run all the apps properly and smoothly.

Android Owner 

Android OS was developed by Google. Google has All the rights of the Android operating system. This is mainly used for touch-screen smartphones. Many phones are based on android. Its logo being an Android logo was designed by Irina Blok in 2007, Surprising the idea of the logo came from the man on the toilet door. Previously Android was owned by Android INC.

I hope this thing solves your queries about the founder of Android or the owner of Android. It’s Google who develops the Android after buying it even though I had written many articles on Android. What exactly and there are some really interesting facts I have shown there. 

That’s a short piece of info for Android Owner: Basically, it’s Google who now operates it. 

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