Android System WebView – Things you don’t know?

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You might see the updates for the Android system webview; right after, Have questions like; What Is the Android system webview, What it does do, What’s the use of the Android system webview & many other queries.

So, Here’s Everything you need to know about the Android system webview. This application is still a little mysterious. Nobody knows about this particular application & its function.

Android System Webview – What is it?

Android System WebView : Every single information : It's Work or use case, necessary or not : Uninstall or disable & Spy. A short guide.

The Android System Webview is an APK installed on all Android smartphones. This App supports other apps with built-in browsing functions, including telegram and Instagram.

Let’s understand this with the help of an example;

If you ever click on a link on Instagram, it won’t open the default browser app directly, but the link will open it in-app. The Android system webview does that work.

Take a look at the screenshot below.

example of android WebView

It also shows the same thing, the browser didn’t open, but the Android system webview helps these apps view web pages.

Also, look at the definition below of Android System Webview.

Android System WebView is a system component that allows Android apps to display web content. This App is preinstalled on All Android devices. Moreover, this App is from Google. This App is a comment that helps other apps to deploy web pages or Web content.

What is an Android webview used for?

Android system webview screenshot from google play

It is used for showing web pages or content from the web. And also supports the other applications to display their desired web content. For instance, When you open a link from a telegram or Instagram, it begins in a kind of browser but not exactly the browser; it was the function of Android webview to provide apps displaying web pages capacity in-apps.

using android system webview
using android system webview

Do You Need; Android System Webview?

It varies from person to person, and if your device has two or more than 2GB of RAM, then definitely it’s worth it to be installed. Other than that, If the device doesn’t have sufficient RAM or storage or is incompatible, you might not need it.

My Honest Answer on Android WebView? Should you keep it?

Yes, installing or removing the android system webview will do more harm than good. 

Android Webview logo jpeg

So, Keep this App installed. It’s the App provided & created by google, so there’s nothing serious or risky. If you can’t keep it, then that is too risky!

But it would be best if you kept it installed & constantly updated it for better performance. However, performance won’t be seen by updating.

It will improve the core web displaying capacity automatically. 

ATTENTION; The last question is how to use the android system webview?

It’s the major one, so the priority-wise answer is given below.

How to use Android System Webview?

Firstly, you can’t use the Android system webview by opening its App or clicking on its icon.

Android Webview is the core of web content that helps other apps show their desired web content for you. Above I already gave a few examples, but here’s the easiest one to understand.

If you ever used it, Of course, you did.

Ten out of a hundred times, youtube opens the links in a web browser like a window that opens with the help of Android Webview.

I hope you got this.

Android System Webview Details

Android System WebView
App Size: 10-60Mb (varies from device to device).
Provider: Google LLC
Category: Tools
Download Availability:Pre-Installed or Update

Permission Used by the App

  1. full network access
  2. View network connections

Review of it

Here are the Top 5 Critic & Positive reviews from the Google play store for this App.

Every time this updates, another batch of apps start getting janky. This time it overrides labs on my Z fold three, so aspect ratios on a handful of apps are all a mess, and when the chip can’t compensate, the phone crashes. So what invariably happens is google updates this turd, breaks your phone, and all the app developers figure out how to work around it, just in time for Google to take another dump.

3 March 2021, I was stuck on “update.” It refuses to update EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. It’s been trying to edit since November of 2021, at least. Not even what the actual point of this thing is, but it doesn’t seem to do anything. My Chrome browser is also doing this and started having this issue simultaneously, but I’m not sure they’re connected; I hope they aren’t. Read here.

17 July 2020, This App enables other apps to display web pages without switching over to a different browser (such as Chrome). It doesn’t do anything by itself. It’s an extra add-on for other apps, and it may be mandatory to have this to use some of those apps. Read here

This App is a lifesaver. I had issues in daily life with lots of things. But after installing this App. My life has dramatically changed. Oh, what a masterpiece app. Gives updates every 2-3 days. Because of this, I’m having issues with google chrome. That’s okay. This App is a lifesaver. Read here.

Learn about Android System WebView in Web Story format


Q1: Is the android system webview spyware?

Ans: No, the Android system webview is not spyware. The App from Google LLC enables the web content to be displayed on Android.

Q3: Where is the Android system webview?

Ans: You can get this in Google play or Get into Settings > Apps > All Apps.

Q4: Is there any Android system webview alternative?

Ans: There’s currently no alternative to Android webview because it takes a lot of effort to design an app on device models.

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