Android Viruses Q&A: Everything you need to know!

Android Virus Question and Answer: Here are some of the most asked questions about Android and viruses: can computer viruses affect Android phones, will viruses affect Android phones, do android phones get viruses, etc. 

These are some questions that we mostly ask on our website in the comment section. That’s why I said, always ask whatever queries you have and we will try to answer in a detailed way

Let’s get started with this q&a session on especially e on the topic of viruses and Android OS. 

Android & Viruses Q&A

No, the Android operating system is specially designed in such a way that viruses can’t get viruses. Unless they are installed by any third-party app. 

For instance, recently Google Play Store has removed more than 14 and then 7 more apps from Play Store because they found viruses on them which is known as joker Malware.

Yes, computer viruses can affect Android operating systems. Whenever you transfer files from your PC to your phone make sure all the files are completely safe. However, if your PC is working fine without any issues then you don’t need to worry, you can copy your files or do whatever with your phone and connecting PC.

Computer viruses are more dangerous than phone viruses. They are specially designed in such a way to impact your operating systems and specially designed for windows. In some cases, Android will not be affected by computer viruses only in terms of special kinds of viruses.

Android phones do not need any antivirus app. This operating system is designed in such a way that viruses can’t impact it until there is a kind of phishing virus. Phishing attacks can impact Android phones. For this, you need an antivirus app. Other than that Android phones do not need an antivirus because Android can defeat small viruses.

At this moment many of you might have questions about what viruses can do to your phone, whether they can corrupt phone or what they can do. Below is the answer. 

What can a virus do to your phone?

Viruses can leak your sensitive private data, such as name, card details, chats, SMS, call logs, etc. In rare cases, viruses can impact your phone’s hardware and can make it dead. That’s why: a wise man said precaution is better than cure! So be alert whenever someone tries to give you something covetous.

Because another wise man said every glitter is not gold. And these attacks are mainly due to the apps that we use or the emails that we get. 

Mainly these virus attacks are caused by using new apps that launched on Google play. However, Google Play Store has an inbuilt virus scanning functionality that helps you to recognize any faulty app. 

How to protect Android from viruses and hackers? 

Above I already mentioned a few reasons why an Android phone can be hacked or can be corrupted with the help of viruses and even can lick your private data using phishing attacks. 

But here is how you can protect yourself from all these viruses and attacks. 

  • Do not use apps that have been downloaded from third-party websites
  • Avoid clicking on links in the emails.
    • If emails are not trusted enough if the sender is not tested then do not click on links from your main browser on the default browser. 
      • However, you can use other browsers apps I have already mentioned some of the fastest browser apps and these are some of the safest apps found on the Play Store
  • Avoid downloading files from an unsafe website. Or the websites that do not use SSL
  • You should also avoid using modified apps that are also known as mod apps. 
    • These apps are paid but you download them free from the internet or the telegram channels. 

These are some of the methods and the things you should remember while working on your smartphone or using your Android phone in day-to-day life. 

Remembering these can be very helpful to protect your Android phone from viruses. 


Today I had answered five questions that were being asked by a lot of Android users these days. And also I had mentioned some techniques that you could use to protect yourself from these Android viruses. 

I hope you found this Q&A article useful. Let me know in the comments if you have any queries so whenever any person from the world asks it, we are here to answer them. 

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