Android System Webview Not Updating – FIX

There are lots of times when we try to update the Android System WebView is not updating right?

The exact thing happened to me when I was trying to update all of my apps. All apps got updated but this; Android System WebView not updating and I am facing the same issue. Then I found out “How to fix Android WebView not updating” .

That’s why today I am writing this post.

If you follow the exact same steps that I am going to tell you then you will fix the Android System WebView not updating problem!

Now in the case if you don’t know about Android WebView here is a short description of it:


“The WebView class is an extension of Android’s View class that allows you to display web pages as a part of your activity layout. It does not include any features of a fully developed web browser, such as navigation controls or an address bar. All that WebView does, by default, is show a web page.”

Source: developer Android

3 Easiest ways to Fix Android WebView not updating:

  • First: to clear the cache of this app
  • Second: Try to restart your phone several times and it will automatically clear the cache of Android WebView
  • You can use files go to clear the junk file or you can say the cache file of those apps

That’s it, these are the three easiest and quickest ways to “fix Android WebView not updating problem” If you want to learn in deep how to go to settings and clear that cache here is a guide for you

How to clear cache of Android System WebView:

  • First of all good to your mobile settings
Mobile settings
  • Then try to find out apps or apps management option in settings
App management to fix the android Webview and Google chrome not Updating problem
  • Click in the app list
App list to fix update problem
  • Third find out the Android System WebView
Android system Webview and Google chrome update

Note if you can’t find Android WebView don’t get panic click dots in right hand side and click on show system apps

  • Then simply go to the storage option and clear the cache

Another way to fix This problem

You can clean the cache of Google Playstore, Yes this thing will definitely work for every device: Realme, MI(Xiaomi), OnePlus, Techno etc…Read this article if no app is updating: This might work.


Conclusion: Android Webview Update

Everything is over now you have successfully fixed everything, now you can update Android WebView anytime when the updates come out without any interruption or any problem.

A huge thanks to you guys for coming here, can I get your feedback and make sure to comment below.

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Why Android Webview is not Updating?

This is because of New hardware like this problem is faced by those who recently buy a new phone or recently updated them, To fix thus issue just clear the cache of these apps.

How to fix Android Webview not Updating problem?

This is the Easiest way to fix that Problem in seconds: Go to settings > Find Apps or App management > Click on App list > Find the app which is not updating (Like android Webview) > Go to the storage of that App > Now Clear there cache

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