Fix Apps Keep Crashing on Android! 3 Effective Ways 2023

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Android Apps Keeps Crashing: This tutorial will help you. If your apps are continuously crashing on your Android smartphone, then stay tuned! 

Hey, it’s Kunal, founder of, and Today I will show you how to fix it if your apps keep crashing on Android. 

This is one of the significant problems that most Android users might experience because of the “Android System WebView” and “Google Play service.”

App Keeps Crashing Android Fix 2023

Before I directly jump to the point, you must know what the work of the Android system WebView is. How Google Play service is the culprit behind most of your app crashes? 

Google announced that Android System WebView allows Android apps to display content from the web directly inside an application. The Android system WebView is like a driver app that helps most Web apps to run smoothly on any Android device. 

But in some cases, this Google Play Services app is the culprit behind most Android app crashes. Suppose an app crashes on your smartphone. There are a few things behind it, whether it’s the Android system WebViewPlay service, its few settings, or corrupted data. If you want to fix it, let’s get started with the three quick steps to help you fix Android app crashing issues.

The Exact Fix for Apps keeps crashing Android

As I recently told you why the app crashed on your smartphone, there are a few things that you can do to fix it. 

If you don’t have time to read this, I suggest you bookmark this page to help you.

1. Uninstalling them To Fix App Crashing

The moment when all your Android apps start crashing one by one when you open any app and the app crashes, and that is one of the worst scenarios when you have to perform an urgent task, and this error creates trouble for you. 

As I mentioned, an Android System WebView is responsible for displaying content from the web directly inside an application, but sometimes it is the culprit. 

So what you have to do to follow the below instructions will help you fix this issue. 

Note: Also, you have to follow the second step. In case you won’t follow all the steps, then it’s like running the half part of a relay race.

  1. First of all, open your mobile settings and scroll down and find out the apps section, where you will get a list of all the installed apps on your device, whether from your side or the company side.
  2. After getting into the apps list, you must find the Android system WebView. Simply tap on it, and the new pop-up window will appear.
  3. Now when you get into the Android system, WebView’s App’s settings, then Uninstall its updates.
  4. At last, clear the cache and be Done.
Clear the cache of Android system WebView

This is a four-step easy process. Here I am making a summary for you that will help you to remember more, and as I said, you bookmark this page to fix apps that keep crashing.

  • Mobile Settings > Apps > All Apps
  • Now Search for Android System WebView > Click on it 
  • Here, Tap on the three dots on the top right-hand side > Uninstall the Updates.

So as I mentioned above, you must follow the second steps to get 110% accurate results. 

2. Installing the updates To Apps From Crashing

As you might know, We just uninstalled the Android system WebView is the most recent update from our Android smartphone.

And you might probably know how vital the Android WebView is. In Fact, by updating the ASW (Android System WebView), there is a huge possibility that all the app crashes might be fixed.

So here’s how you can update Android System WebView

  1. Open the Google Play Store.
  2. Search for Android System WebView.
  3. Tap on Android system WebView by Google.
  4. Now, where are the menu options on the screen? You have to update it.
  5. Click on the update and wait for a few seconds; it will update according to your internet speed.

OR, you can directly click here to reach the Android system WebView, and this link will save you time. In rare cases, this app won’t update for this. You can follow this guide on Android System Webview Not Updating.

3. If nothing works, try this: Ft. Google Play service 

update google play service

For most Android devices, the above techniques will work because these are the basics behind most app crashes. 

But if this error persists on your smartphone, let me guide you to fix it permanently.

Google Play services and Android System WebView are the two things pre-installed on smartphones with Android operating systems like all the other Google apps; YouTube, Gmail, and Google itself. 

Both of the apps help the Android device to run their Android Apps more smoothly without disturbing the user experience. 

Apps keep crashing. Try this 2021

Now to fix Android Apps that keep crashing, follow the below procedure 

  1. Open up your mobile settings and go to the app list, where you’ll find all the installed apps on your smartphone.
  2. Now try to find the Google Play service and tap on it.
  3. Here you have to clear the cache of it, and also, you have to uninstall its updates.
  4. Before you go anywhere, you have to install its update, but you won’t find this app on the Google Play store. You won’t find the Google Play service on Play Store.
uninstall updates to fix app keeps crashing

Here is a direct link that will help you find out the Google Play service, and you can update it from Google Play Store. Because you can’t just type in Google play service on the Play Store, you won’t find it; you must have the app link.

And If the google play service keeps stopping then you can follow this article.

I hope this will help you to update the Google Play service. And let me know in the comments if this problem still exists on your smartphone I will try to figure it out and fix it. 

I love to see your comments below. 

What to do if an app keeps stopping?

If an app keeps crashing on Android, chances are the issue can be quickly fixed by clearing out excess stored data or clearing the phone’s cache and deleting unused apps. A slow Android phone may require a system update to get it back up to speed, although older phones may not be able to run the latest software properly.

Why do apps crash on Android?

If an app crashes multiple times, the causes could be the excess RAM usage or running multiple apps together. However, the low battery also impacts phone performance, resulting in the App crashing. 

What is the best solution for App crashing on an android phone?

The best solution is to fix it, restart the phone in several days, don’t run too many apps together, and turn off extra services. The Best solution is to report the bug to the developer or Update the app.

Can apps crash on Android?

Yes, apps can crash on android. The few main reasons behind the Android app crash are, Clear the cache on Android & restart the phone. Moreover, update all the apps or Update the OS, although old phones may not be able to get new updates. 


So that’s it for today, guys. Today, I showed you how to fix if your apps keep crashing on your Android device. This is one of the most common errors, but you can fix it just by following these methods, and that will help you if apps keep stopping android.

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