4+ Best Lyrics Apps for Music Lovers 2022 Free

Are looking for apps that give music with lyrics or Apps for Lyrics

Nowadays if you go onto the Google Play Store and search for the best app for music with lyrics then you will get the 10000+ apps but mark my wordsEvery glitter is not gold” and that’s why I’m here you serve you the Best of them.

So that way you can listen to your favourite songs with their lyrics.

Best Lyrics App for You | Apps for Lyrics

Before I start make sure to go through all the apps to get the Real & Best apps for lyrics. Nowadays Music App added lyrics services that help users get the lyrics for their favorite songs to Sing with that.

1. Quick Lyrics App

Quick Lyrics App

When I was searching for the best apps for lyrics then I got this then I downloaded this app to try this, when I was testing this app then I totally forgot that I have to write a post for you and I kept listening to it for around 30 Minutes.

So here are the Results that It’s a great app that has an Simplistic UI in that way everyone can use this. There is an option to save the lyrics for Offline use.

Features that Make this app Great!

  • You save the lyrics for offline use
  • Dark mode to rest our eyes.
  • Less ads
  • Identify the song which is playing in your background and get the lyrics with this app
  • Floating lyrics app 
  • You can Quickly download the lyrics for your whole library of songs (Google Play, or your own files)

Here is the list of supported music player

  • Spotify
  • Google Play Music
  • Apple Music
  • Napster
  • Shuttle Music Player
  • Phonograph
  • PowerAmp
  • PlayerPro
  • BlackPlayer
  • GoneMAD
  • VLC 
  • Rocket Player

2. Resso: Apps for lyrics

Resso app

What to say about the app, Best apps for music with lyrics. 

This is is currently when I am writing this post is top 6 grossing in music audio. This app provides us music with their lyrics in different languages: 

Resso app with lyrics

Features of this app

  • This apps for lyrics has more than 50M plus songs 
  • It has High quality audio streaming
  • Listen to your favourite songs with their lyrics in Lockscreen
  • It Sync lyrics of your favourite songs

I loved this app although I’m using it’s free version but still it is our best. This music app helps to discover all the Songs that are based on my interest which I never heard before but now I always hear most of them.

3. MusixMatch – Apps for Lyrics

Lyric app for Android 2021

MusixMatch is an app that gives you Songs with their lyrics and know what it is the App of Editors Choice. This app has more than 50Million plus downloads and 2M people reviewed this app and an Average rating of 4.4 Stars.

In fact you can Play a Song on YouTube and this app will give you the Lyrics of that song you are listening to. MusixMatch works with Spotify, Youtube, Pandora, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Google Play Music and all your other favourite streaming services Which you like.

Features which make this app Editors Choice:

  • You can play the lyrics on the Notification bar or you can use the floating lyrics
  • It has play, pause, skip Features that you can directly use from the lock screen.
  • You cam Share your favourite song lyrics with Insane backgrounds with the LyricsCard feature

4. MusicPlayer with Lyrics

Music Player with lyrics

The next type of our list is a music player with lyrics. This app is just insane and I love this app but there is an issue in this app which is Ads.

Overall love in this app hai it is a great app it provides all the lyrics and you can sing along with the song that think it’s me engaged and I think it will also keep you in get it by this app.

Features of this App for Lyrics

  • The tons of themes available in this app that you can use to customise this app according to you
  • Also,It comes with a beautiful animated feature which goes in circles while a song is playing, changing the entire font of the app is also a great tool associated with the app,it has  numerous fonts to choose.
  • This app also comes with an equaliser that helps you to customise your songs like if you want to hear in jazz, classical, pop etc.
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5. Lyrix- find songs lyrics

New app for Lyrics

Lyrix is a completely free app for lyrics that you have in 2022. This app can help you to Download the lyrics of your favourite artists and also gives you a feature to download them for free and that’s the Great thing.

Features of This app

  • Music genres: Pop, Rock, Metal, Oriental, Gospel
  • You can get the Lyrics of those songs which are Playing on your device whether it’s from Spotify or Google Music.
  • This app provides Millions of lyrics from worldwide (English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Hindu,  etc…) 
  • Lyrix has a user-friendly interface.
  • Voice Search: you can get your best songs and their lyrics just by Voice searching.

Overall it’s a Great app that you can use as your Primary Lyrics App for Android.

Hopefully you Got the Best Apps for Lyrics and Imagine When you comment on this post from below you will get something special.

Go ahead with any Lyrics app that you liked the most! Have a Nice day.

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