Grey Apps Icon On Android : Why Apps Grey Out Android?

In this article, I will show you why your apps are greyed out on Android. This is the exact thing to know about the grey color app. 
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Probably seen some apps greyed out on Android? Just like the below image. 

In this article, I will show you why your apps are greyed out on Android. This is the exact thing that you need to know about the grey color app icon. There are many conspiracy theories on the internet, but I don’t believe them. 

Grey Apps written on the image on the background all the greyed out icons are showing

Grey Apps Icon On Android

Greyed out apps Android

Whenever you find any app colored in grey or grayscale, it means the app’s usage has been limited or is now not available to use.

What I did was I just limited the time of use for Instagram. For instance, I can well-being for 50 minutes a day. After 50 minutes, the app will turn itself into a grey color and will limit its usage. I also did this every day when I used to turn on my focus mode using the digital well-being app from Google. 

So next time you open the app, you will ask whether to use the app for 5 minutes or cancel that pop-up. So it limits your usage time in the world of short-term pleasure, which releases a chemical called dopamine inside the brain. 

Why Apps Greyed Out Android?

Greyed Out Icon means the app has been limited for usage. However, you can remove that limitation from the app by getting into the digital app settings. But I don’t recommend you do it. 

Believe it or not, there was a time when everyone was suffering from the pandemic.

Apps Greyed Out Android

I probably spend most of the time on it, but then I figure out the digital wellbeing app settings, which help me to control my time. 

More than that, I spent a lot of time watching the well-being. Here is an article that will let you know how much data you consume on YouTube

I hope you got an exact answer to the question, “why are my apps greyed out on Android.”

Why Apps Grey Out Android?

Let me summarise everything I showed in this article so it will be easier for you to remember.

If your Android apps grey out, Digital Well Being causes it. This app limits the usage time; when a user exceeds that time the apps turn grey. To remove the restriction, get into the digital wellbeing app > dashboard > Tap on the delete icon to remove the restriction from the app. In that manner, Digital well-being won’t turn from grey into grey.

Today I just showed you why the apps turn into a grey color on Android or why the apps greyed out on Android. I hope you got this information and found it helpful. Have a nice day.

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