Audio File Not Playing? Here’s 8 Best fix with 10 Reasons

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As an Android user, one of the most frustrating experiences is when you need help playing your favorite audio files or if you get into the file manager or any music player app and want to play any of the audio files. Still, at that moment, you cannot play that sound.

It could be a song, a podcast, or a voice on mobile.

According to a fun fact, 68% of U.S. smartphone owners listen to streaming music daily.

68% of U.S. smartphone owners listen to streaming music daily

It is one issue that every Android user once in a while faces.

Here are the reasons why your audio files may not be playing on your Android device, but the good news is that we came up with the ten best solutions or 10 best ways to fix audio files that won’t play on Android.

Then you apply all those fixes you are now able to fix. Don’t worry. It’s not a giant article essay, a brief and short article.

Why Audio Is Not Playing on Android

Here are 15 possible reasons audio files may not be playing or working on an Android device:

  1. The unsupported audio format or codec.
  2. Corrupted audio file.
  3. App issues or bugs.
  4. Need for more storage space.
  5. The device is in silent or vibration mode.
  6. Headphones or speakers need to be correctly connected or functioning.
  7. Bluetooth connection issues.
  8. The device is in airplane mode or has no internet connection.
  9. Outdated operating system or app versions.
  10. Malware or virus infection.
  11. Conflicts with other apps or services running in the background.
  12. Hardware issues with the device’s audio components.
  13. Audio driver issues.
  14. Power-saving settings or battery optimization settings are affecting audio playback.
  15. User error or accidentally muted device.

It’s important to note that the solutions for each of these reasons may vary and depend on the specific circumstances of the problem.

How to Fix Audio Won’t Playing (can’t play audio files)

1. Check The File Format

You should check the audio file format you are trying to play. Most Android devices support server audio file formats, including the MP3, WAV, AAC, and OGG file format that Android can play, but these are the major ones.

It is one of the issues when your Android cannot play an audio file. It may be due to the file. The formats you are trying to play. You can use any audio player application. It would help you to play additional audio extensions easily.

2. Clear Cache & Data Of Media Player App

clear cache text written on a dark background with a smarpthone behind

Sometimes the problem may be with the media player app you are using to play the audio file; clearing the cache and all the media player or the audio player apps data can help you fix this issue.

We have already created a guide on clearing app cached data; you can read it here.

3. Change Audio Player App

use third party app gif

The thing you can do right now is try a different media player app or the audio player app because, in most cases, you might be using an outdated audio player or you might be using the Android default music player application, which sometimes does not support all the latest audio files.

Apps to Use As Audio Player Supports All Audio Files

  • VLC Media Player.
  • MX Player.
  • Youtube music.

So here are some of my recommendations that you can go along with:

Leading Android music and audio apps in the Google Play Store worldwide in September 2022, by number of downloads

According to, As of September 2022, Spotify has become the most famous music and audio app among Android users worldwide, generating nearly 12 million downloads in the Google Play Store. Following closely behind is Shazam, which boasts around 5.44 million downloads from Android users globally. It’s fascinating to see how these apps continue to dominate the music and audio category, and I can’t wait to see what other exciting developments will emerge in this space.

4. Check If the File Is Corrupted

The fourth and most important thing is to check for file correction.

calm down and try again gif

If the audio file is corrupted, it may not play on your device; you can try to fix the file by using an audio repairs tool such as teller Phonics video repair or U.S. data recovery.

Also read: 5 Ways to Access Audio Files on Android.

These are some of the top audio recovery apps; you can try other apps too.

Most of the time, when you transfer audio files. If there is any interaction between the processes in the audio files, it becomes corrupted. Even in the standard update, you can’t play audio on Android; that can be due to file corruption.

5. Check The Sounds (Equalizer) Settings

Here is one of the silliest mistakes that most Android users make.

sound equalizer to adjust audio

Sometimes, we experiment with the audio and all the audio effects in that process.

For instance, one of my cousin’s brothers used to customize his sound using the equalizer, increasing the base, decreasing the tribal, and doing all that stuff, which makes his audio player sucks.

Because he was lonely or knowingly, my cousin’s brother automatically saved his equalizer settings as the default whenever the audio player pleases on the default pitch or default tone. 

So that is why his audio files will not play. It played, but you could not hear it because it was significantly equalized.

6. Check Hardware Issues

This is the last thing you should check for hardware issues. 


Finally, if none of the above solutions work, it may be challenging. You can connect different headphones or speakers to your device to see whether it fixes the problem. 

If the issue persists, it may be a problem with your Android audio jack or speaker. You must take it to a repair shop, but play any sound from any app before that.

before you go gif

Also, when we use the headphones, the icon is sometimes stuck on Android. This can be the issue for most of the Android users who are using headphones daily because it can be a bug we already created in an article on how to fix the headphones icon Android. You can read that out.


These are all the fixes that I would apply if I have gone through the same situation where I cannot even play a single audio file on my Android, and if you are facing this, you should apply all those fixes.

That’s it for today’s article. In today’s article, I have shown you how to fix audio files that are not working or how to fix audio files that are not opening or playing. I hope you found this article helpful; then let me know in the comment section below.

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