10 Best Android Apps for Youtubers in 2022

Doing youtube from past few years, I Had a lot of experience regarding the best android apps for youtubers 2022 because I shoot all my videos from android, edit in my device then uploads from my device.

best apps for youtubers

I have noticed that lots of youtubers are using android phones for their youtube channel. In this post I’m gonna show you Best Apps for Youtubers that helps you to grow faster than ever on YouTube. All these apps had been used by the popular youtubers in their time. 

Here I’m categorizing all the apps, Just Navigate according to your choice

Best Android Apps for Youtubers in 2022

Now before I start make sure that you use them because most of the youtubers don’t want to input 100 percent efforts, One or thing If you need average results then make average efforts, if you want great results it won’t come from average efforts so try all these apps!

“Best Apps for Youtubers 2022”

Best Video Editing Apps for Creators 2022

These are the best ever video editing apps for youtubers because these apps have potential to edit your YouTube videos flawlessly.

1. VlogiIt for Youtubers

Vlogit is a powerful video editing app that has been used by many youtubers, In fact I used the same Video editing app to edit my youtube videos.

This video editing app is especially designed for youtubers, It comes with tons of advanced features like.


  • Customize your intros and outros for Youtube
  • 1080p export support without quality loss
  • No watermark, Yes this video editor is without watermark
  • Inbuilt thumbnail maker for Youtube

RECOMMEND: 10 video editing apps without watermark 

2. Video Guru – Video editor for Youtube

This video editing app is designed for youtubers to edit their videos flawlessly.

This app comes with many features like cut, trim, multi layer editing, etc..

Using this app for couples of the week found that it’s not that for pro editing but ya if your channel is growing in other words have less subscribers like me than you can you this app.


  • You can edit your video in Cinema or in standard mode for Youtube videos
  • Export your clips without watermark 
  • It’s an intro maker, vlog maker app for Youtubers.

Best Thumbnail Maker for Youtube Android 2022

These are the best thumbnail maker apps for Youtubers that every youtuber must have! In fact these are free thumbnail maker apps.

3. Canva: free thumbnail maker for YT

I know that you are thinking that I told you this is a free thumbnail maker app, Yes it is.

canva app features

In fact if you make your thumbnails from the official website of canva it is free and has unlimited download option but if you use their app it has only 1 download option, Now I can say that you made your Choice and I support it.

“Canva is a Editor’s choice for Youtubers in chase of thumbnail because it has pre designed thumbnail, has lots of fonts, elements, In short every youtuber must have it” Website.

4. Snapseed by Google

This app is by google most of the youtubers use this app to enhance their thumbnail like colour, contrast and mainly it is for fonts because this app has amazing font style.

Snapseed photo editor

The app is by google so you can trust this in case of privacy and it is free to edit your thumbnails without any charge.

Snapseed is completely free and developed by google.


Best Intro Maker Apps for Youtubers 2022

Intro maker are necessary in youtube because it your brand 

5. Legend – Animated text : Intro maker

This is the best app for all youtubers because this app has tons of templates to make your Intros and text look awesome.

It has more than 50+ animated text in different designs. Here are the best Best intro maker for all the youtubers


  • This app has 25 animated style plus it has option to set a background image
  • Save your text in animated video in different format like 540p, 720p, 1080p
  • You can customise intro animation

6. Pixel flow – Intro maker and text animator for Youtubers

It has the same legend but It is much more useful for gaming channels (Gaming Youtubers) and tech channels (Tech Youtubers) because this app has pre-designed templates and low third for all your YouTube videos.

Intro maker app for youtube creators


  • Pixel flow intro maker has 150+ pre-made templates for Youtubers
  • Unique design for gaming and tech youtubers

Check Out Best Android Apps: Here.

Best SEO App for Youtubers 2022

With these apps you can rank your YouTube videos on the first page of YouTube search

7. Tubebuddy

Tubebuddy is the best android app for youtubers because by using this app you can grow your youtube channel and get more views on your videos, This app comes with tons of useful features for Youtubers.

Tubebuddy Youtuber's helper


  • You can see tags used by your competitors
  • It shows your ranking in other words the keyword you are ranking for on youtube
  • Best app for Youtubers

8. VidIQ

ViqIq has been used by millions of youtubers, Vidiq is the best app for new creators who have less number of subscribers.

Best seo apps for youtubers

It has more than 100k+ downloads on Google Play Store.


  •  It gives you Real-time insights into your most popular videos
  • The top search terms that drive traffic and views to your channel so you can instantly see which content to double down on
  • Insights into the most viewed videos published by other channels in your niche

Best Camera App for Youtubers 2022

These are the best apps to record your videos from your android device

9. Open Camera – record your yt videos

This app has millions of downloads, it is an open source camera app and has many advanced features. In fact those features are not provided by many paid apps. Here are the 5 camera apps to enchance your phone’s camera quality.

Smartphone camera record yt video


  • Open camera has noise reduction, auto level, white balance, HDR features.
  • Shoot your youtube videos from this 

10. HedgeCam2 : Advance Camera for Youtubers

Hedge has more than 1M+ download and its size is smaller than your picture like it’s just 1 MB!

Camera for recording videos

It has many advanced features to shoot your video like a pro.

One more bonus app: Below.

Bonus App


This is one of the eaiest ways to create voice-over videos, it has a wide range of templates available. flexclip is mainly in the Web version. I am personally using it; their support team is great.

I find this when Jenne contacted us, to try out their products, It is WONDERFUL.

You should try using it if you’re a growing YouTuber. It also has a widerange of copyright-free videos and clips which you can try with their membership.

Complete List of Apps that every Youtuber Must Have

  1. Vlogit
  2. Video Guru for Youtubers
  3. Canva
  4. Snapseed
  5. Legend: Intro maker for Youtube
  6. Pixel Flow Animated Intro maker
  7. Tubebuddy: Complete SEO Guide
  8. Vidiq: For growing Youtubers
  9. Open camera
  10. HedgeCam2 Advance Camera App

Conclusion of Best Apps for Youtubers

That’s it for Today, guys, Basically, if you want to grow your channel, then you have to sacrifice and do lots of hard work with smartwork.

These are the best apps for youtubers that you can use to grow your channel faster, Hope you guys get complete information.

“Be Successful YouTuber”

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