Best Dating Apps 2022 – Get Your DREAM Partner

Dating Apps for India 2021. These are some solid working dating applications that actually work, Still waiting for a DREAM Partener; Instead Find yourself one. Relationship apps.
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Here are the “dating apps 2022 india” on Google Play Store then there are thousands and thousands of dating apps available there but most of them are not really trustable or Real.

Are you single? and probably finding the perfect match for you, someone who thinks like you, act like you and something which may be similar between you. And for this you need a perfect dating app in India.

Do you know a guy who doesn’t get into a relationship but still knows everything about this topic?

And gave his advice to everyone, I am like that guy but I’m an Android Geek so Today I will suggest you the 5 best dating apps for India that you can use in 2022.

5 Best Dating Apps in India 2022

So without taking any more time let’s get into the 5 best dating apps that you can use In India. 

#1. Tinder: one of the best dating app

Tinder dating app

Probably you have heard this name before and this is the best dating app in India with the most active user base no app can compete with this app because of its active user overall in India. 

Actually this app is Insane because people can connect with each other one of my friends got married because of this app. 

To see a perfect match you basically have to swipe right and left to see many profiles out there. 

THIS IS INTRESTING; Many girls are using tinder to increase there followers by linking there tinder and instagram profiles together. You can also increase your instagram followers by using this method.

  • Swipe Right™ = LIKE
  • Swipe Left™ = NOPE
Online dating someone

How popular is this Dating app in india (According to them)

  • They are Featuring 20 million+ matches per day and over 30 billion+ matches in total
  • Tinder is more than a dating app — with users in over 190 countries, it’s the most popular free social app in the world
  • It helps you to Discover new people on Tinder and chat with them

#2. Happn – A Unique Dating App 

Happn app

Happen is a great dating app for Indians who are singles and want to date someone. It has a very unique feature let me explain you with an illustration:

If you are in a public place and you saw a beautiful girl and you got impressed by her but you didn’t have the courage to talk to her but if you pass by her this app will let you notify someone that you recently passed by and is on happn app to interact with him or her.

Con of this dating app

  • You can use their features but most of the features are paid and for that you need to upgrade and it takes money (Earn here).

#3. Truly Madly: Dating App for India

Truly Madly indian dating app

Truly madly is one of the best dating app that you can use in India and also it has a minimalistic and easy to use UI that helps users to understand this app quickly.

Features of Truly Madly: Indian dating app

  • There are many trusted profiles out there and there is a feature called trust score data helps user to be aware of fake peoples
  • It is a super sev dating app for Indians
  • Download the best free online dating app for Indian, begin building significant connections, and establish a relationship easily.
  • The TrulyMadly app is about finding relationships and your lifetime partner. 

Overall it’s a great app India’s Trusted Free Online Dating app & Matchmaking app to find true love.

#4. Hinge


Hinge is the top level dating app for Indians and specially for the girls, basically this is international app that focuses on the privacy:

Let me explain to you, you will only get the profiles of those people with whom you are connected on Facebook or your friends or friends are connected with each other.

It is a totally great app and chosen by Editors of Playstore.

Cons of this dating app in India

  • This app will only show you the limited number of profiles that are available in free plan but after that you need to upgrade to the premium plan

And you will be surprised to see that this app is #1 top grossing in dating.

#5. Bumble: Best Dating App in India

Bumble app

Bumble Indian dating app which allows you to make new matches for yourself. It is completely free app and free to download even you can upgrade to its premium subscription to get a super swipe feature and also another feature called bumble spot light where you will get highlighted.

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A Short note on Bumble:

Bumble is much more than just a dating app, this is truly an inclusive dating app, to discover single people who are looking for the same thing as you and find that ideal partner who will make you Good.

Bumble app best Features for dating

Features in this Dating app in India

  • Bumble is a free dating app to download.
  • Women have 24h to start a chat and men have 24h to respond if men didn’t respond then game is over.
  • They offer the possibility to meet people in different fields with their 3 modes: Date, BFF and Bizz.

So these are the best features of bumble app and the main feature is that women have to start a chat first and male has to respond within 24 hours otherwise the match will be closed and for re-match you have to buy a premium subscription.

Bonus Dating app for India

Here is a bonus for you guys, just for you!

#6. Quack Quack: Dating app in India

Quack quack dating app for india

This app is Specially made for Indians to find their perfect match. Maybe you’re thinking about its name. It’s kind of a funny quackquack but it’s a dating app that allows users to choose their perfect Match and it comes with your minimalistic UI.

QuackQuack is an online dating app which is made by indian and made for Indians where they match you with singles from your city, age group and interests.

This app has the majority of users from India, cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai, Pune, etc and even smaller cities and towns.

Benefits of using Dating App in India

  • Couples who met on dating apps were as satisfied in their relationships as any other couple. 
  • Women on dating apps nowadays are more interested in marriage and having a family than those meeting partners in Real world.
  • Dating apps were more likely to connect couples with different educational and geographical backgrounds.

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Dating App India: Conclusion

So that’s it these are the best Indian dating apps that you can use in 2022, these apps I think are some of the best dating apps in India so why are you waiting for? Go and download any one of them and enjoy. 

Before you go let me know which is the best app that suits your needs?

Have a nice day.

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