Fitness Apps that can give you Shocking results 2021

No, No, No! This is not 1, not 2 it’s 10 Best fitness apps for Android that you can use in 2021 without any changes, In short Best Free Fitness Apps 2021.

The fitness apps which I will tell you today, anyone can use. Even if you are a Teenager, Men, Women, or a Kid anyone can use them.

In fact, I’m using the same fitness app from 2019, but there are lots of apps which have recently launched on Playstore, So I will show you the Bestest Fitness Apps.

This is the criteria to pick up these apps:

  • Completely free to use app with minimum ads
  • At least 4 star rating

Let’s dive into the Best fitness apps on Android


FitOn – Free Fitness workout 2021

Fiton- Best fitness app
“Best Fitness App for Android”

This is the new and fresh Fitness App for 2021, It has more than 1 Million downloads and ratings of 4.8 Stars!

This app has everything like:

  • Best Exercise for weight loss
  • Mind calming yoga practices
  • All the Exercise are based on burning calories
  • Fully guided yoga and workout for both men and women.

In fact all the workouts and yoga are completely free without subscription.

When I heard about this app, I referred this app to My friend. Now he is using this app and he changed his waist size, like it’s around 34 and now it’s 32. How I know this thing ;D (he tells me).


Download this from Google Play Store

Workout for Women: Weight loss Fitness App 2021

Best fitness app for women

This app is completely for women or girls who want a slim-trim body. This app has rated 4.8 in Google Playstore.

And know what it’s the First Free Fitness &  Exercising App for Women.

This app is suggested by My friend 😀 to and this app into my list!

  • It’s the best free app for home workouts
  • Best fitness app for Women 2021
  • Completely free workout app for Android

There is a Bonus thing about this, You have to just workout for 7 Minutes a day to keep dieting away.

What there developer tells about this app

“Our free female fitness women home workouts are hand crafted to be quick and effective. Choose from abs workout, butt workout, weight loss workout. Each has a different focus and different effect.”

Let’s move to third workout app of the list

Download this from Google Play Store

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Lose weight app for Men – Best fitness app for men 2021

Best fitness app for men

If you are like me(Health) then you must give this a try because when I want to become more fit then I just downloaded this app and Workout everyday for 15 Minutes for a Year and Now I became almost fit.

This app is by Leap fitness group.

  • Best weight loss app for men 
  • More than 50+ workouts
  • Specialist workout for Lose weight at home without equipment.
  • There are 3 Difficulty levels

Let me tell you one more thing it’s rating on Playstore is 4.9 STARS out of 5.0, It’s insane right!

Because these apps deserve this rating, If you are a Beginner then give it a Try.

Download this app from Google Play Store

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Yoga for kids and Family Fitness App with easy Workouts

Fitness app 2021 for family

I’m personally suggesting this app to my family members because I want to make my Fit.

This is the best fitness app for Kids or Teenagers, it’s a complete and free workout app.

  • It will make your family stress free
  • Get the Sweet sleep 
  • Make your kids more productive and healthy
Free fitness apps

It’s specially made for kids because nowadays kids are using Smartphones and not giving time to physical health and using their phones all day.

In fact My cousin sisters are using their device the whole day and playing games, and watching youtube the whole day.

Download this app from Google Play Store

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Running App – Run transfer with GPS (Best Fitness App 2021)

Running App

Running app is by leap fitness group, There developers are creating fitness apps on everything – Running, Home workouts, Abs workout, Butt workout etc…

This running app will track your running activities like Speed, Kilometres, using your GPS.

  • Detailed analysis and stats of running
  • You can set the goals and analyse your routes
  • Compare your stats with other days

This app has more than 5 Millions Downloads and a star rating of 4.7.

Download this app from Google Play Store

Conclusion: Fitness Apps 2021

If you really want to get Fit, you have to work for it, Let me explain with this illustration: When I was a 15 Year old kid then I am too much healthy like My cheek were filled Like I have Eaten something ;(, But suddenly I realised that I should and must workout for myself to change this situation And Finally when came to age 17 I worked hard and get the slim body.

So work harder, This is the best fitness app which can help you to reach your goals.

Thanks for reading this type “Yes” in the comments, If you want to change yourself.

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