Best Gaming Video Editing Software 2022

As gaming grows more popular, passionate gamers worldwide started sharing their gaming experiences with others. If you’d like to become a YouTuber or provide a memorable experience for your social media followers, you’ll need to build a network with youtube videos and online streaming.

If you’re ready to take your game to a new level, start by creating your own YouTube channel and posting gameplay clips. However, a basic screen recording could not give you and your audience the quality and inventiveness you want.

However, we understand how perplexing it can be to select the ideal online video editor. We compiled a list of the ten best online video editors for gaming that can be used to make things easier. Fortunately, you don’t need any prior video editing skills to use the best online video editors on the market. With little or no learning, even amateur content makers may create appealing video clips.

Best gaming video editing software 2022

Here are 10 trending online video editors for games, which are perfect for professionals in 2022:

1.    Windows Movie Maker

This application assists you in quickly improving, refining, and polishing your videos and photos. It also allows you to edit your videos and share them immediately to social media sites and save them on your smartphone itself if you wish to edit them later.

The software has various special effects, sound effects, transitions, captions, and other features that will help you finish your game narrative.

2.    InVideo

With InVideo, creating professional and great videos is very easy. It allows not only the creation but also the modification of videos. Editing your game footage takes only 5 minutes using InVideo’s games video editor. Simply go to their website, select a suitable template, alter the photographs as needed with the appropriate colors, effects, and styles, and publish it. You can continue this procedure as often as required till the output is satisfactory. This software is completely free and contains over 3500 templates. Language is not an issue because this software supports all languages.

3. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is the most utilized online video editor in which you may convert your pc to a fully functional machine for multimedia files like gaming videos. You can include this tool to your list since it produces high-quality output and has no restrictions on the video formats it can import. Thanks to its incredible features, many subscribers may be tempted to try this application.

4. AVS Video Editor

AVS Video Editor is a powerful editor that enables gamers to easily apply audio effects to recorded videos and screen capture outputs. Almost all file formats can be processed fast by the application. AVS Video Editor includes several specialized conversion tools to help you get the most out of your video.

5. VSDC Video Editor

The VSDC gives you a non-linear video editing interface that makes it simple to edit your game videos. You may apply various video and audio effects to your footage to successfully improve all of your videos if you use them appropriately. It’s also easy to convert your game videos from one layout to the next.

6. Lightworks

Many experts use the application for film editing. Because the software is so good for movies, it’s also great for gaming videos. It comes with several graphical elements and tools that are ideal for editing any gaming video.

Lightworks makes it easy to upload 4K, HD, and SD videos to YouTube and Vimeo. The software is easy to use and provides several interesting and effective editing tools.

7. iMovie

For practically all of your video editing needs, iMovie is your best bet. The program comes with various graphic effects and themes that may be used with any of your gaming footage. You can instantly publish all of the gaming footage to various social media networks, such as YouTube, after editing the application.

8. Kdenlive

Another excellent video editor for hardcore gaming is Kdenlive. It’s both free and open-source software. There are also several useful features like multi-track formatting, a configurable interface, and quick backups. With the application’s functionality, you may quickly create some excellent gaming movies.

9. Shotcut

Shotcut is a piece of software that can handle hundreds of different media file types at once, as well as complex codes that allow you to make considerable alterations to your video. You may quickly change frame rates and other resolutions to make your game video more personalized.

Furthermore, because it is open-source software with a simple interface and is free, anyone may use it.

10. EaseUs Video editor

It’s not just a superb video editing program, but it’s also excellent software for editing gaming footage. The EaseUs video editor provides a large number of features. You can make your game videos more entertaining and professional, and as a result, your finished product will be a lot better without any effort.

The software also comes with a slew of extra options to help you improve your game footage. It offers voiceover and audio detachment; you can also save your films in various formats and repair any color issues you may have. You can create some excellent game videos with these tools and features.


Whether you’re posting video clips for fun or dreaming of creating a professional YouTube gaming channel in 2022, user-friendly online video editors may help you improve your production and take your hobby to the next level. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with many alternatives, each claiming to be the best for editing gaming footage.

If you’re enthusiastic about promoting games, powerful editing software is a worthwhile purchase. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to subscribe to these online video editors. You can expect a beginner-friendly interface, infinite track editing capabilities, and a continually developing array of special effects, transitions, plug-ins, and other interesting editing tools when choosing economical but very effective editing software.

This is the best time to pursue a professional gaming career. With unequaled editing tools, visual effects, royalty-free music, background music, and more, you can create engrossing gaming videos with an online video editor.

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