BGMI Lag Fix: 5 Easy Steps to Fix lag Permanently

BGMI Lag Fix: is your battlegrounds mobile India keeps lagging or you are getting few frame drops and connection errors and all the errors in bgmi because of device incompatibility or even in high-end devices sometimes the BGMI starts lagging. 

So today I am going to show you exactly how to fix lag in BGMI (Even in 2-3GB RAM). And when pubg mobile was available in India I wrote a post about how to fix lag in pubg mobile. More than 7000 people fix their lag/hang issues in the game and that’s why today I am gonna show you BGMI Lag Fix Guide, by following these steps you can fix lag in BGMI.

Now let’s see the 5 easy steps to fix lag in battleground mobile India.

Lag in Battleground Mobile India can be fixed by Free up space, Enabling 4X MSAA & Decrease Animation Scale to 0.5 or by Uninstall unwanted apps. Skins in BGMI cause the most lag. If nothing works, report it to the developers.

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How to Fix Lag in BGMI – 5 Easy Steps 

And don’t worry I am not gonna show all the basic things like decrease the graphics and etcetera but I will show you the insider’s truth to fix lag in battleground mobile India because most of the people are suffering from the lag or hang issue in bgmi.


1. Free up space! 

free up space to reduce lag bgmi

Do you know that by freeing up your internal storage you can reduce your BGMI lagging issue up to 18 to 23% and that’s what we need right as we all need smooth gameplay and for this, we need to clear the internal storage or you can say to store fewer files on the internal storage.

So what you need to do is to just shift all your photos and media files to an SD card or store them on any other device because as a gamer if you store your more files on internal storage that means your smartphone gonna start lagging and because the smartphone will hang and that’s what creates the lag in battleground mobile India.

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2. Enable 4X MSAA & Decrease Animation Scale to 0.5 

enable 4x msaa in developer settings

By enabling 4xMSAA you can increase the fluency in battleground mobile India because enabling it also enables the Anti-Lag Feature which somehow increases your device performance whenever you are doing or playing games on your mobile.

Just enable this setting so first of all, you need to go to your mobile settings then about the phone and tap 15 times on build number and a new version of your settings will unlock where you will find the developer option tap on it and scroll down to the bottom and Enable 4X MSAA & Decrease Animation Scale to 0.5. Also read: Amazon Crashing on Android Fix.

3. Uninstall unwanted apps 

uninstall unwanted apps bgmi

This is the most underrated technique because people think that by uninstalling unwanted apps they can’t fix lag in battleground mobile India but here is the truth: By uninstalling unwanted apps you are clearing your internal storage and that will reduce the load on your device. Moreover, I already told you that it increases your device performance by 18 to 23% so you should uninstall all the unwanted apps from your device.

4. Don’t Use Skins BGMI 

dont use skins in battleground mobile india

Do you know that? by using the skins in games like there are many BGMI Skins available in battleground mobile India like gun skin, outfits. Even though we also open crates and we got some skins for the game or the clothes and somehow if you don’t use skins this will reduce lag in bgmi. Also Read: BGMI Free UCs + Royal Pass [Trick with Giveaway] 600+UC.

Why? Because when you are using skin or you have downloaded the resource pack and whenever you go into the font of the enemy then your phone will render all the skins of the opponent like their guns skins, their clothes, their helmet skin, and all the skins and that creates a load on your device by rendering all the unnecessary things. Even I don’t use any skin.

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5. Low Sensitivity 

low sensitivity bgmi

If you are a gamer and play games like battleground mobile and then you know how much sensitivity means in the game. Even though All The gamers use different sensitivity according to their needs. And gamers who use high sensitivity to play their games in high sensitivity mean their smartphone heats up faster than a normal player and because of heating up it will start lagging and stuck. It is because if you are moving your finger 1-2 cm on screen and the character turns fully this creates a lag in the game

To reduce lag in Battleground Mobile India I would suggest playing the game in low sensitivity, not too low but the default or medium sensitivity.

You will be surprised that more than 500 people who play BGMI on 2GB or 3GB Ram their lag reduces significantly. 

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Additional settings to reduce lag in BGMI 

Now as I already showed you the 5 settings that you should try on your Android device if you are getting so much lag while you are playing Bgmi. Even many players want to fix lag in bgmi 2GB and 3GB ram. 

To reduce lag in battleground mobile India follow the below procedure: 

6. Fully charged 

Have you ever thought about it? that while you are playing a game when your device is fully charged your device performance is at the peak and when your device battery goes down simultaneously the device performance goes Down. What’s the connection behind this? 

Basically when your phone is fully charged then your device can run games more fluently than in the Low battery. Moreover, when the device battery goes down or gets low that means the performance is going to be low because there is an automated option of battery optimization and the Android automatically optimizes the battery for better backup. 

And because of this battery optimization, the battleground mobile India started lagging.

7. Use any game booster 

use game booster to fix lag bgmi

Do you know a person who uses game boosters? Probably yes.

There are even thousands of people who use game boosters or use the configuration for BGMI to render all the graphics in very low resolution and that’s called Potato Graphic, and this is how they fix the lag. 

And I think you should also use the game booster because it won’t ban your BGMI account until you misuse it or crack the game.

Even when I play pubg/bgmi also uses and recommends all the players to use a game booster because this will improve your device performance and your gaming performance also. 

Last Words

So that’s it. This is how you can reduce lag in battleground mobile India even in 2GB or 3GB RAM. I hope this tutorial will be helpful for you and today I showed you how to fix lag in battle on mobile India also called BGMI lag fix guide. 

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Q: Why is BGMI lagging?

Ans: If your BGMI is responding too slow, chances are the issue can be quickly fixed by clearing out excess data stored or clearing phone’s cache and deleting any unused apps. A slow phone may require a system update to get it back up to speed, although older phones may not be able to run the latest software properly.

Q: Is there any app to fix bgmi lag?

Ans: There’s no app to fix BGMI lag. However, To reduce the lag try using game booster apps or use the customise settings in game

Q: Why is BGMI lagging after update?

Ans: If the Battleground Mobile India starts lagging after an update, chances are it can be resolved by restarting the phone or cleaning internal storage. So, whenever it happens try to clear cache or uninstall and reinstall the game.

Q: How to reduce lag in BGMI?

Ans: To reduce lag there are 5 quick things to try: restart the phone, update the game, clear the cache, logout and login again

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