How to Permanently Block a Number (android)

Block Numbers Made Easy: Step-by-Step Tutorial for All Smartphones ( Ultimate Smartphone Hacks )
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Are you looking for steps to Block calls or phone numbers on your smartphone?

Then here’s the step-by-step procedure to Block the EVIL contacts whose calls you don’t want to receive. 

Understanding Android Blocking Features: Picture this: You’ve just upgraded to the latest Android device and wonder, “Can I really block numbers on this thing?” Absolutely! Android has got your back, my friend. Whether it’s the built-in blocking options that come with your phone or some third-party apps, we’ll explore the ins and outs of each method, making sure you find the perfect fit for your needs.

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So, Let’s dive into the Tutorial so as not to let anyone annoy you!

Block Number on Any Android

Below is the method to block the number from their phone.

Nowadays, the majority of smartphones have phones by Google. This Tutorial is not only for that but for other devices too.

For Any Smartphone which uses the Phone by Google

How to Block Numbers on Samsung

How to Block Numbers on Vivo

How to Block Numbers on iPhone/iOS

How to Block Numbers Xiaomi

How to Block Numbers on Motorola

Block Numbers Huawei

How to Block Numbers on Oneplus

Managing Blocked Numbers: How to view and edit blocked numbers

  • Open the Android settings.
  • Find the “Call blocking” or “Blocked numbers” section.
  • Review the list of blocked numbers.
  • Edit or remove any numbers as needed.

Unblocking previously blocked numbers

  • Access the blocked numbers list.
  • Locate the contact you want to unblock.
  • Tap on the contact and select “Unblock” or “Remove from block list.”

Monitoring and reporting spam calls and messages

  • Pay attention to suspicious or recurring calls and messages.
  • Use the reporting options provided by your phone’s native features or blocking app to report spam.

These steps can be applied to every smartphone, including the popular ones.

To Block calls, it’s essential to use the phone’s dialer or the contact apps. In all, the phone’s procedure is quite similar.

Even, This era’s smartphones have the Phone by Google preinstalled. This means the steps we showed you could apply to the devices using the phone by Google apps.


Our guide helps you block calls and phone numbers on any smartphone, regardless of whether you have an Android or iPhone. We give step-by-step instructions for different smartphone models and stress the importance of managing and unblocking previously blocked numbers.

We also show you how to monitor and report spam calls and messages. With this knowledge, you can create a more peaceful communication experience and stay in control of your contacts. Enjoy uninterrupted phone usage!

That’s all for the tutorial. I hope you find it useful. Today I showed you how to block calls or numbers so you won’t receive calls or texts next time. 

However, it will notify you that a blocked number just called you.

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