How to Block Websites On Chrome Mobile App? Android

Learn how to block websites on chrome mobile. 1 Easy method. Block inappropriate websites on Google's Chrome browser android.
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Are you looking for a method to block websites on the Chrome app? or want to learn how to block websites on Chrome Android

If yes, then today, I have an insane method that you could use to block certain websites on Google Chrome. Even though this technique can block that website from your phone, nobody can access it from any web browser. 

Your reason could be anything to block websites on Chrome mobile. 

In short, this is a tutorial on how to block websites on Chrome mobile. You can perform this on any Chrome app. Let’s dive in. 

let's go

Different Ways to Block any WebSite on Google Chrome App

Here are five different ways to block websites in Google Chrome on Android:

  1. Use a Website Blocker App: Install a dedicated website blocker app from the Google Play Store, such as “BlockSite” or “StayFocusd.” These apps allow you to block specific websites or set up schedules to limit access to certain sites.
  2. Use the BlockSite Extension: Install the BlockSite extension on your Chrome browser. Once installed, you can add websites to the blocklist, and BlockSite will prevent access to those sites. You can find it in the Chrome Web Store.
  3. Modify the Hosts File: This method requires a rooted Android device. You can edit the host’s file on your device to block websites. The host’s file maps domain names to IP addresses, so by redirecting specific domains to an invalid IP address (e.g.,, you can effectively block access to those sites.
  4. Use Parental Control Apps: Install a parental control app, such as “Google Family Link” or “Norton Family Parental Control,” to block or restrict access to specific websites. These apps often offer additional features to manage and monitor your child’s online activities.
  5. Enable SafeSearch and Restricted Mode: You can enable the SafeSearch feature in Google Chrome to filter explicit content and potentially block certain websites. Additionally, YouTube has a Restricted Mode feature that helps filter out inappropriate content. You can enable both features in the Chrome and YouTube settings, respectively.

These methods offer various levels of control and effectiveness, so you can choose the one that suits your needs best.

Block Website Using Third-Party App

In the Chrome app, there is no option to block websites. And not in digital well-being. And to go with this method to block websites on Chrome, you need to install an application. It is a free application where you can block five websites for free. 

All the websites mention an app that is not good. Even the reviews are not good about the app. That’s why I specially downloaded and installed another app to check how it works and whether it works because I’m your friend. 

How to Block Sites On Chrome App

Learn to block unwanted websites from the Chrome browser.

  • Install AppBlock from PlayStore

    First, I need to install an app from the play store, which is an app block. This app is around 7.9 MB with over 4.4 stars rating and a million downloads. 

  • Open App > Tap on Quick Block

    Open the application and tap on the quick block. 

  • Add Websites to the Block List

    Now on the top, there are two options, one is apps, and the second is the web. Tap on web > then add websites you want to block. Now turn on the start button to start blocking websites on Google Chrome. 

  • Turn On The Blocker

    At last, Turn on the button to start blocking your selected websites on google chrome.


That’s it. This is a three-step simple process to block websites on the Chrome browser. You can perform this on any Android device. Everyone can install an app under ten mb because it won’t even slow down your smartphone. 

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Download the App to Block Sites 

Below is the given download button to download this application directly from the Google Play Store. By the way, don’t forget to bookmark your website or this page to check all the steps to set up the app. If you need any assistance, then it would be helpful. 

However, the premium version is also available on this app. You can use it. But if you want to block a few websites, the free version is OK. It gives you the ability to block five websites. 

Cons of this app 

If you are thinking about the cons, what are the cons of this website-blocking app? There are a lot of ADS, but it won’t interrupt you that much. Because this setup is just one time, add the website To the block list. You don’t have to look back into the app when finished. 

Why Block Websites on Chrome Mobile App

Many people figured out a way to block websites on Chrome Android. But to protect your child or sibling from harmful or inappropriate content, you can use parental control apps.

You can set parental control in the digital well-being, which is now installed in most new Android smartphones


Ok, so that’s it for the tutorial. Today I have mentioned how to block websites on Chrome mobile app. Because there is no option to block certain websites which are inappropriate for us. 

Even though there is no option to block websites on Google Chrome browser on PC, you need to install any extension on the browser to block certain websites. 

I hope you like this tutorial, and that it will be helpful for you. In the comments, let me know your thoughts about safety and why you want to block certain websites on Chrome. Just think of me as your little brother. Have a nice day. 

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