Fix Blurry Camera? Here are 6 Easy Ways to Fix & Reasons

Here are the Reasons behind Camera Blur. And 6 Actionable Steps to Fix Blurry Camera; All Phones.
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Blurry Camera? An Easy Way to Fix it: Have you ever opened your camera app and got everything blurred, all the objects and The people blurred? What could be worse than that? 

Clicked a Perfect Picture, but later, you found it was blurry when you saw it. Wow, that’s what happened to me. And if you have questions like Why is your camera blurry? OR My phone camera is blurry. How do I fix it? 

Today I have the solutions for all these problems and a straightforward explanation of these topics.

How to fix camera blur

Why is My Camera Taking Blurry Photos? 

There could be many reasons behind the camera Blur. But mainly six reasons. 

  1. Dust or Vapor.
  2. Autofocus might create a blur.
  3. Camera Settings.
  4. In many cases, App might be the problem.
  5. Mobile cases or covers.
  6. Dust went inside the lens.

Let’s quickly move on to the solutions.

How to Fix Blurry Camera on Any Phone – 6 Steps

In this tutorial, I will show you the six steps you can follow to fix all the camera problems, creating Blur. To click perfect photos Or photos without Blur.

1. Try to clean the lens with a secret formula!

clean camera len with this

Many people clean the camera lenses of their smartphones, but most of them fail to click perfect photos after wiping the cotton on the camera’s lens. 

Here is what you can do. So, first of all, you need cotton balls and toothpaste. You can use any toothpaste, and it doesn’t matter. 

Right after collecting all required materials: 

  • Apply some toothpaste on the cotton balls and start rubbing on the camera lens gently. 
  • After a few minutes, take another cotton ball and dip it into water. Remember, Don’t wet the cotton thoroughly.
  • Start rubbing the wet cotton ball on the camera lens to clear all the toothpaste.

Video Tutorial to Clean smartphone camera:

Right after the process, try to click a picture, and hopefully, it will work for most of the devices but remember to read further steps to fix it completely.

2. Turn off the Automatic Focus 

turn off the auto focus

Many smartphones have a default setting for autofocus, which is always on even when you don’t need it. 

This can be the issue behind the front or rear camera blur. To fix it, disable the autofocus from settings, and below are the steps to disable it:

  1. Open Camera App.
  2. Now long tap on the object on which you want to focus.
  3. After a few seconds, The autofocus will be locked.
  4. Now you can take images without that autofocus.
autofocus lock

On that note, let’s move on to the third method to fix blur. Learn To turn off or disable autofocus.

3. Shuffle in-camera setting 

As we all know, according to our needs, we change the default settings from the company, but sometimes this might create a problem with your camera lens. 

If you still haven’t changed your camera settings, you need to restore all the default camera settings to fix the unclear photos problem. 

To restore default camera settings, follow the below procedure

restore default camera settings to fix blurry camera
  • First of all, open the default camera app.
  • Get into the settings > Scroll Down to the bottom.
  • Now Tap on Restore default settings.

In many phones resetting the camera settings can fix blur issues, even in Samsung and realme devices.

4. Install a third-party camera app 

If you have followed the above steps, you need a third-party camera app. Why do I need a third-party camera app? Because sometimes, there is a bug in the default camera app, which is pre-installed by the company itself, you need a camera app you can download from Google Play Store. 

But if you want the best camera app, you should read it.

5. Remove the Smartphone Cover, the So-called “Case.” 

Mobile Case or Cover

Who doesn’t use mobile covers? I use mobile covers, and I am sure you’re probably not using mobile covers too. Mobile covers are the protectors for our smartphones. They protect our smartphone screens and body.

How can smartphone covers cause the Camera Blur? In many cases, if you have a smartphone case, then this might be the problem because, in most mobile cases, there is a bump over the camera. Sometimes it covers the camera (Even a little bit or Flashlight filled in cover), OR the case might not be properly manufactured, or you can say it’s a defective piece.

To fix camera blurring, try this: Whenever you are clicking any pictures, try to remove the mobile cover. Removing the mobile cover.

6. Dust Inside the Camera Lens 

Dust went inside the camera len

If you can see the dust inside the camera lens or on the camera mirror, you should go to any nearby Mobile Repair Shop. Many people try to do it themselves, but I don’t suggest if you want good results, then I strongly recommend you show your phone to an expert.


Why is my camera lens blurry?

If your camera lens is blurry, chances are there’s dust inside the lens or the lens of the camera being scratched. It can be fixed by clearing the camera lens using a thinner cotton ball. Moreover, visit the nearest repair shop and get the camera lens fixed. Generally, camera blur is caused by general issues like; not cleaning the phone or autofocus not working.  

Why is my front camera blurry android?

If the android front camera is blurry, chances are there’s sweat on the lens, which sticks to the lens when we have a long conversion on the device. It can be fixed by a few simple steps, which are below. 

Why is my phone taking blurry pictures?

Generally, the camera hasn’t been cleaned for a long time, scratched on the lens, dust, or vapor on the phone camera. It can be fixed by cleaning it using thinner (nail paint remover) or using a wet cotton ball.

Other helpful resources and references



This Article is about why your camera is blurry and how to fix it. I hope this tutorial will be helpful for you to fix the camera blur problem

Many people have already tried these steps, and even I also tried them on my smartphone, and you should also try this. 

Let me know in the comments if you still have any queries about Camera Blur. 

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