Book Your Vaccination Slot Using Google Assistant

Google for India 2021: Google organized the Google for India 2021 event on Thursday. In this program, Google has announced that with the help of Google Assistant, now such people will be able to easily book their vaccine slot, which is not techno-friendly and who do not have much knowledge about the Cowin app. To book a vaccine slot on the Cowin app, people will be told its step by step process through Google Assistant. This will be of great help to new internet users and people who have difficulty in understanding new age technology.

This feature will be rolled out early next year

This feature is important because at the beginning of the vaccination campaign, senior citizens were facing a lot of difficulty in booking their vaccination slots through the CoWIN app. Such people can now easily book their vaccine slot with the help of Google’s smart assistant. Google said in a statement, “We have teamed up with COWIN for this feature.

People will be able to book vaccine appointments in an easy way with the help of this. This will increase people’s access to information and health services. This feature will be rolled out early next year. This feature will be available in nine languages ​​including English, Hindi, Kannada, Gujarati, Bengali, Malayalam, Telugu, Marathi and Tamil. Google said, “We want to bring this technology to other services on the Web, so that people can use the Internet easier.”

These features were launched

  • Apart from this, Google is also launching another new feature. This feature will give users the option to access web pages in other languages ​​and view them in their preferred local language. This feature has been brought because many times users are not able to get content in the local language on Google.
  • Under another feature, now users will be able to hear the search result in a loud voice instead of reading it. The advantage of this feature will be for those people who are interested in listening rather than watching. This feature is currently available on the new JioNext phone. It will soon be expanded to other users as well. The feature will be available in five local languages ​​namely Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu and Tamil including Hinglish.
  • Apart from this, the company has launched a new bill split feature for Google Pay. This feature will be available by the end of this year.

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