Burner Guard App Review 2023: The real Truth

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Now smartphone companies keep launching Smartphones and one of the things which came with the device pre-installed is Bloatware apps (Bloatware are the pre-installed apps and software on your smartphones and PCs that are not of much use).

Simultaneously on the Play Store, there are millions available and how could we trust each and everyone because each app accesses different permission and sometimes video player takes physical activity permission for their personal use and that can ruin your privacy though.

So today we have the BurnerGuard to review which will make your phone’s environment cleaner and safer for your use. This app was launched in August 2020 by the burner media and the media is one of our favorite all-time Indian Youtuber Shlok Srivastava AKA Tech burner. 

India banned 267 Chinese apps because they are collecting our data and today we have the Burner Guard privacy & apps permissions manager. Here is how the burner guard works and how secure it is.

So according to burner media, they aim to provide transparency when it comes to the privacy of apps

The latest addition to our TechBurner ecosystem will help you get control of your data privacy by keeping a check on the apps installed on your Android device.

How does the burner guard work? 

So basically this app, Its team of experts thoroughly tests hundreds of applications and Manages the permissions they need. Because most of the time apps are taking unnecessary permissions from you, suppose if you are using a music player then what permission it needs should be stored and what it takes camera permissions. Does this make sense? Of course not!

Stunning Features of Burner guard (Pros)

I tried this app for a whole week and it was amazing. This app has a minimalistic UI and it’s clutter-free that gives me a smooth experience. It is one of the greatest apps that I have ever seen before with a minimalistic UI. It’s the same as Icing on the cake. 

So here are the top five features that I like most about this app: and if you scroll down there are some of the cons that I had to face while using this app: 

Bulk uninstall 

bulk uninstall using burner guard

As an app tester and Android geek, this is the most useful feature for me because I had to install apps and apps every day and after the use, I had to install them where my major proportion of time goes. But thanks to 2 burner guard applications this saves my time. You can also bulk uninstall.

Permissions & permission

cleaning cache using burner guard

As we already talked about the permission scam that many junk apps do. This app will help you here With ever-increasing privacy concerns regarding third-party apps as to when our camera or mic is being used. Privacy Indicator tries to resolve the issue by showing a small indicator on the screen whenever an app is accessing your phone’s such features.


guard burner app

Burner Guard comes with a custom-made background service to keep track of permissions when you grant or deny them to any app. Now you can easily track data that your phone shares with an app and can revoke unnecessary permissions whenever you want to in just a few clicks.

Minimalistic UI 

UI is one of the most important parts of any android application because if the app doesn’t have a great UI that means the app is probably gonna make the user troubled or can also frustrate them. 

But when I installed this app and tried this for the first time I was used to it because of its UI.

Show The pros list over so let’s move on to the cons that I had to face in this app and hope so they will improve this soon

Click here to read more about burner guard.


As an Android geek, it is my responsibility to show you the reality. And on the second day when I was clearing my phone’s cache using the burner guard app then something happened. This article is the part of Android Apps.

After that, I needed to upload an Instagram feed post on my Instagram account and I had created a graphic for it. When I moved to my Instagram account to post that particular image I didn’t get that image. Most of the images are missing from my phone and that surprised me. 

Then after thinking for a moment I realize that after clearing the cache all my download files have been deleted and that was the worst thing for me because my downloaded files are really important for me. 

And hopefully, they will fix this as soon as possible. 

Still, this is one of the best apps that I had ever used before and I would suggest it to anyone who wants more privacy. 

Q: Why was the Burner guard removed from the play store?

Yes, due to violating some of the Google Play guidelines Tech Burner’s “Burner guard” app is being removed. One of the regions could be it takes multiple permissions form users and that could be the cause.

Q: Where is the Burner guard app?

If you did not find the Burner Guard app on Google play store then don’t panic, due to some rules and regulation breaked its being removed, now it cannot be downloaded from the Play Store itself.

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