Calculate Percentages in Mobile Calculator; Easily

Calculate Percentages in Mobile Calculator. A tutorial to Check percentage on Mobile. Easy to Follow on Any Calculator.
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To find the percentage of a number or if any student reading this article is also able to find his school percentage.

But normal users reading this can find the supposed percentage from any digit, like the 7 percent of 15666 or 5 percent of 500 and so on and so forth. This is a random imagination.

Let’s do this #Backdroid Style.

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Calculator percentage on Any Smarpthpone’s calculator:

First, Write any digit, then multiply it by the digit from which you want to see the percentage (like 10 percent of 500). Then divide the answer by 100. The remainder is your answer.

How to Calculate Percentage on Any Smartphone

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There could be many ways to do it by using an app or visiting a website. But we are going to do this with the default mobile calculator.

Suppose you want to find the 6 percent of 15000, then do this.

Step to calculate the percentage.

  1. Multiply 6 with 15000 ( 6 * 15000)
  2. Then divide the outcome by 100 (90000/100).
  3. Then you got the answer.

To calculate the percentage of any number on a mobile calculator app, first, take the number and multiply it by the number from which you want to see the percentage. Then divide the answer by 100.

In Equation

6 * 15000 / 100 = 900

Equation Break Down

  1. 6 * 1500 = 90000.
  2. 90000/100 = 900.

See this video to Calculate the Percentage.

That’s a video that will help you to do the percent calculation.

For Students

Firstly Sum up all of the Marks you got (Mine 424 from 500), so, Multiple the mark gained to 100, then divide it by the sum of all the paper marks (500). Then you will get the answer (84.8%).

A video for Students: Percentage Calculation on Smartphone

A video for students to watch and learn the procedure to find the percentage on mobile, Android, or iOS. This can be followed for every calculator available on the earth.

Summing Up

This is the tutorial to check the percentage of any number on the smartphone. On Any calculator, even.

I hope it will help you more; check another article which shows three ways to calculate smartphone percentages (Including all the OS like Android and iOS).

You can even follow this on any typical calculator.

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