Best Camera Apps Android 2022, How many of these do you know?

If you want to see the best Camera Apps for Android in one place, then you’ll LOVE this guide.

I tested and reviewed 5 free & paid camera apps.

In fact, this is the same app that every mobile photographer uses to click Stunning pictures or even better.

Let’s dive right in…

Best Camera Apps 2022 that clicks like a DSLR 

When I started clicking pictures using my mobile device I didn’t know much about it. 

Every mobile photographer usually clicks pictures using their default camera apps but as time went on I switched to many HD camera apps that click like a DSLR so here is one that you can use to click stunning photographs on your smartphone.

App #1: Coffee Cam 

Coffee camera app

If you like vintage photographs and classic photography, you will love this app. 

I’d recommend this app to one of my friends who clicks using his phone, and his photography skills with this app have increased by 37% and this has saved us so many times.

I recommend this morden camera app to every person who likes classic and vintage types of filters even if this will enhance your camera quality. 

Here is great news: 

This camera app has tons of features that you can use for free.

When we apply filters when you are clicking pictures that quality won’t be great but when you use this app you will know how great this is.

coffee cam app features

Here are the few features of this app that have Amazed me: 

  • Professional filters 
    • 10+ Film scratches and dust 
    • 1000+ Multi-Color filters
    • Tons of Light leak effects
    • 3D effect (Chromatic aberration) + Glitch
    • More than 30 Retro mask styles
  • Adjustments(Contrast, Sharpen, Brightness, Vignette, HSL, HSV, Haze, Color balance, White balance, Exposure, etc.)
  • Nondestructive editing: You can easily Go back and change anything you want.

Overall this is a great app. I have tried this app a few times and it was a very decent experience but here are some of the cons.


  • There are too many ads you have to go to the premium version to remove ads
  • Many filters are locked you need to buy the premium subscription to get all the filters/full access

Filters remind me of another app, let’s see it.

App #2: Cymera 

Cymera a new app for photography

A very famous person said, “what’s in a name“. If you are the person who wants to click Selfie or Pictures of yourself then it’s the best selfie camera app.

There are tons of features that I liked about this application and you will be surprised that this app has a hundred million downloads.

A few weeks back when I was finding the best camera app and testing them I found this camera app and I know that I didn’t hear its name and this app has a hundred million isn’t crazy? 

Anyways this camera application has a few of the amazing features that most of the camera app lacks. Here are More Android Apps.

Cymera app features

Features of this Free camera app 

  • It has a Real-time selfie filter
  • It has an awesome DSLR Effect
  • You can even create College & Poster.
  • Tons of selfie filters & beauty-makeup tools.
    • Smaller & V-shaped face.
    • Body and Face Editor.
    • Vintage, Natural, Neon, Lomo, Film, Sketch, Fisheye, and more.

These are some of the features of this, but here is something that won my heart. Also Read: Fix Camera Blur, using these methods.


  • Anti-shake, timer, touch shooting, out-focusing options.
  • Silent mode to shoot wherever you want without disturbing others.

These are the ultimate features that this app gives support to us like Anti-shake, touch shooting, out focusing option.


  • These a few ads that will ruin your experience
  • It is not suitable for low-end devices

App #3: Open Camera 

Open camera android app

So if you are bored with the basic camera apps that only give you a few features and want to try something Pro level of things? 

So here it is an open camera app. It is one of the lightest camera apps that can run on most Android smartphones even on 1GB RAM. Learn More about Why Android is Lagging?

As a photographer, you need so many tools like you have to control ISO, white balance, temperature, aperture, and many more.

I used this app 4 years back when I was new to photography and this app is awesome.  

features of open camera

Features that make my day!

  • It’s a completely free camera app. You can use it for free.
  • It supports the Camera2 API: manual controls (with optional focus assist); burst mode, RAW files, slow motion video, log profile video.
  • This Free camera app has the Option to auto-level your photos
  • This App helps you to EXPAND Your Camera’s functionality: support for scene modes, color effects, white balance, ISO, exposure compensation/lock, a selfie with “screen flash”, HD video, and more.

So now talk about the Cons or Downsides of this app.


Overall it’s a great camera app and knows what it is the lightest it is around 1.8 MB and if you are thinking to move on to a pro camera app with great filters and effects then you should try our next time on the list.

App #4: Camera MX 

Camera MX: photo and video camera

If you guys are looking for a stock camera app for your Android device that will be the best for you, it will exceed all the limits of a Stock camera app. This will convert your normal camera into a DSLR-like camera to increase your picture quality.

This camera application has lots of features filters and things that you can do with this app you here are some of the features that I like the most

Camera MX app features_compress28
  • This App has Auto Optimization and HDR-like features for high-quality photos even in low light situations
  • You Set your preferable JPEG Quality in the camera settings
  • Past Burst Mode
    • Browse sequence shots of the seconds before you pulled the trigger. 

Cons of this Android Camera App

  • Sometimes the app crashes while opening it 
  • It is not compatible with old phone 

If you are thinking of moving on to the PRO level camera app then you should go with Open Camera Rather than Camer MX. 

App #5: Professional HD camera with Beauty Cam 

Professional HD camera

Think about an app that can help you to click awesome photographs not only of nature but of yourself. 

And here is the last app on our list which will help you to click awesome and stunning pictures with its great features. 

Overall it is an easy-to-use camera app that gives you high-definition picture quality.

And now it is one of the highly-rated apps on the Play Store; it has more than 5 million-plus downloads and a 4.7-star rating.

Professional camera app features

Features of this New Camera App 2022

  • It has all the things that you can control like ISO, white balance, autofocus, and many more with its pro photography mode (which is free). 
  • It has awesome gesture control like; Flick the screen up and down to switch the front and rear cameras

This Android camera app has few unique features that another app lacks, like gesture control and its simple and easy-to-use UI with tons of filters.


  • One of the cons is that this app has few ads like my taking photos. You will get a pop-up ad.

Besides ads, this is a great camera app for 2022 that you can try.

Best Camera Apps for Android to use in 2022 From Paid to Free camera apps! That clicks good!

  • App #1: Coffee Cam
  • App #2: Cymera
  • App #3: Open Camera 
  • App #4: Camera MX 
  • App #5: Professional HD camera with Beauty Cam

Here’s my favorite Camera App 2022

As you know I listed 5 best camera application for Android devices that you could use in 2022. Now my personal opinion is: 

Personally, I like the open camera. It is a light camera application with tons of advanced features which is available for free of cost. I have been using this app for the past 4 years and it is worth it to download it. 

What about yours? 

Let me know in the comments which one is your favorite camera app? 

Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @backdroidcom whenever you click a new photo. Till then CLICK PICTURES! :).

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