Campfire Recipe Minecraft, Make It, Uses and Advancement

This tutorial explains how to use the campfire in Minecraft. The different types of campfires, the campfire recipe minecraft, and their uses. 

Campfire Minecraft

Wondering how to use a campfire in Minecraft, this Article(Minecraft Recipe) is going to explain the crafting recipe, the items you can put on a campfire and everything the campfire does remember if you liked this article don’t forget to comment. 

The first thing about the campfire is that there are two different types of campfire one is the normal campfire and the other is the soul campfire that was added in Minecraft 1.16.

There are some differences between the two that I will explain. From Here you can download minecraft pocket edition for 2022, Tap here to Download.

Campfire Recipe Minecraft

Campfire recipe Minecraft

The crafting recipe for the campfire is in the crafting table three sticks of coal or charcoal three of any wood log stem or strip wood crafts into a campfire.

Soul Campfire Recipe

But for a soul campfire, the recipe is similar the only difference is instead of coal or charcoal it is soul soil or soul sand the reason for soul sand or soil is because the only way to get soul fire is by igniting either block on fire campfires can be broken with any tool or by hand but the quickest is the axe.

If you break the campfire any food on the campfire will be dropped.

However, when the campfire breaks it will drop to charcoal, or for the soul campfire a sole soil the fuel for the campfire if you want the campfire to drop itself use a tool with the silk touch enchantment.

The enchantment drops the block itself instead of breaking it. Silk touch can be put on pickaxes, shovels, axes, and hoses.

minecraft enchantment for campfire

The soul campfire in the jab edition will drop soul soil even if crafted with soul sand another way to get campfires is by trading with villagers.

Moreover, With villagers there are five different levels of trading with them to gain experience and level them up. At each level, two traits will unlock the fisherman villager at apprentice level which is the second level.

Let’s go through the basics of the campfire in java the campfire has a light level of 15 which is the highest in the game and the soul campfire has a light level of it will already be lit the campfire emits amber particles similar to lava although soul campfire does not emit these particles.

How to Unlit Campfire Minecraft

unlit campfire minecraft

Campfires can be unlit by using a shovel on it, throwing a splash water bottle at it, or waterlogging it by placing water above the same block space. 

And remember, Rain will not extinguish the campfire but it will emit extra smoke particles During rain when unlit campfires can be lit manually by using or dispensing flint and steel shooting it with a flaming arrow using or dispensing fire charges blaze fireballs and gas fireballs.

Uses of Campfire in Minecraft

The use of the campfire is to cook raw food similar to the smoker or the furnace. You can place four different food items on the campfire. Food items can also be placed on unlit campfires. 

cook food on campfire in Minecraft

Once you finish cooking the item it will pop off the campfire. Campfires also don’t require fuel to cook food, food items also take 30 seconds to cook compared to 10 seconds for the furnace and 5 seconds for the smoker. 

But you can cook multiple items at the same time with a campfire when the campfire is cooking food small smoke particles will be showing on the food

If a campfire is extinguished while cooking it resets as though the food was never cooked campfires will damage mobs standing on them only if lit the campfire deals 1 damage and the soul campfire deals 2 damage.

Will Campfire Damage Me in Minecraft?

damage from campfire

Every time the campfire does not cause you to catch on fire nor destroy any items the damage from the campfire is considered fire damage and is reduced by armor resistance potion effects and protection and fire protection enchantments.

How to prevent yourself from a campfire in Minecraft?

It can also be avoided by wearing frost walker boots, campfires can be used to harvest honey bottles or honeycomb from beehives or bee nests to start the process, and place a campfire underneath the beehive or bee nest.

This will prevent the bees from the nest or hive from being provoked coming out and attacking you to harvest honeycomb, use shears when the hive or nest has reached honey level.

The nest will be dripping honey and the texture will be different. To harvest honey bottles, use an empty bottle to make sure the nest is full of honey and right-click on it or hit the use button. 

Campfires will also produce smoke particles that float up around 10 blocks before disappearing. If you put a hay bale underneath the campfire it becomes a signal fire and the smoke floats up to 24 blocks up a block one above the campfire will block these particles. 

Also, a trapdoor can be used to completely prevent the smoke from floating up. Smoke particles can be used in builds to create chimneys. 

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Difference Between a Campfire and Soul Campfire

campfire and soul fire minecraft

Another difference between the soul campfire and the campfire is that the soul campfire can be used to repel the piglet mob; these mobs can be found in the nether in the crimson forest nether waste and the bastion remnant.

They are afraid of the soul fire and the soul campfires. However, the piglet brew which will be in the bastion remnant that will be added in the game in Minecraft 1.1 16.2 is not afraid of the soul campfire.

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