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How to is very popular topic, here i show you how tos for android, gaming etc.

Apply these 5 Secret technique to Save data on YouTube

How to Save Data on YouTube (Android)

Save data on YouTube: We all like to Watch YouTube Videos but It consumes too much data because of that we can’t use any other app. Whenever I open my YouTube app, YouTube starts suggesting me the Videos that I…

Unblock a Number on Android

Unblock a Number on Android: Easiest Guide

Today I’m Gonna show you EXACTLY “How to Unblock a Number on Android“. Sometimes it’s necessary to block someone’s number in certain circumstances but when these circumstances end we need to unblock that phone number. This tutorial can help you…

save only one page of a pdf

How to save only one page of a PDF

You don’t have to waste your time to find how to save one page of a PDF.  You came here, that means your problem is gonna be solved and that’s my guarantee. Because today in this article I am gonna…