How to change Gmail Password in Mobile

Do you forget your gmail password, do not worry because everyone forgets their password sometimes, 

In fact I forgot my gmail password then I tried to change my old password in mobile(android device)

So today I’m going to show you “How to change gmail password on mobile“, or “How to change gmail password on android” 

However we all use Gmail for personal and professional use, but sometimes our email account got hacked or we forgot our password, because we do not use the gmail password repeatedly.

Now let’s change your gmail password in mobile

Because most of the users came from mobile devices that’s why these steps are especially for android devices.

What is a Password in Gmail?

Password is a type of security code, with the help of it: make our gmail account more secure.

How long should your password be?

The password should 14 characters long because it is hard to crack, A password should contains lower case, upper case alphabet, numbers, special signs(@,#,₹,&,;,!).

2 Ways to change gmail password in mobile

Let’s dive in with Change gmail password

1) CP with GC

This is wired name but this actually work for android, if you want to change password follow these steps

  • Open your browser(chrome, inbuilt)
  • Type “gmail login” in Google search and search it
  • Then the results came like this
Gmail login
  • Now enter for email
  • Click on next
  • Click on forget password which is in left hand side
Click on forget password to change gmail password in mobile
  • There will several methods to recover your password
  1. By OTP
  2. By recovery gmail
  3. Verification code
Recover your forgotten password in mobile
  • Use any one method to change your password
  • After verifying then a new option will came like this 
  • Now change your password and Everything will be fine.

Watch this tutorial video to change your gmail password in mobile from Youtube

2) Change gmail password with Settings

These ways are really helpful to recover your forgotten password from your device.

  • Go to settings
  • Click on Google
Settings for password change
  • Then your information will be loaded then click on manage account
Manage your account
  • Swipe left and get a security option
Change password from mobile
  • Scroll a bit down then you will see password click on it
Changing password
  • Click on forget password
Forget password
  • Then you get many ways to recover your forgotten password in mobile
Get your gmail account back
  • Use any way to recover your password

These are the best ways to change your gmail password on mobile without any effort. 


Before you go please let me know if this post helps you?

FAQS related Gmail Password

How to make your password strong and memorable?

Make sure that you add special characters (@#₹_&-/), upper and lower case alphabets, numbers, now make it memorable like

My name is kunal, I studied in college then


How to make your account more secure?

First of all set a strong password then try to add two step authentication in Google like using google authenticator, security codes .

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