How to Change Ringtone on Android

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Changing the ringtone on Android can be fun. This gives you a unique look in front of people. Ringtones are more likely to be decided as you are. 

Some people customise their ringtone from the top-notch level so whenever you hear it, it starts playing in your head.

Smartphones are getting upgraded each day so why not we should upgrade our ringtones too? They are just like the cherry on the cake which makes it better. 

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In today’s article, I am going to break down how to change the ringtone on Android. Step by step procedure to change ringtone or set custom song or tune as ringtone on Android. 

So what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in. 

How to Change your Android’s Ringtone 

So below is the complete procedure to change or to set a custom song tune as your Android phone’s ringtone. 

  • 1. Open Settings & Select Sounds & Vibration

    The first step is to open your mobile settings. Here we have to scroll down and find the sounds and vibration menu. If you find it just select it. 

  • 2. Select Preferred SIM Card

    Here we have to scroll down and you will find this SIM 1 and 2 SIM to tabs. Both tab shows as default selected ringtones as shown in the image. Tap on the SIM card of which you want to set a custom ringtone. 

  • 3. Select any Ringtone

    When you type on it there is a completely new menu where all the pre-installed ringtones are listed just like that image. Even you have an option to select any downloaded song or tune as your Android phone ringtone.

    1. Scroll down, tap on any listed ringtones to listen to.

    2. If you want to select custom then tap on the select from files option. 

    2.1. Here a completely new menu will appear where all the audio files that are stored on your device will be listed. You can select anyone as your Android phone’s ringtone. 

    2.2.You can tap on all the audios one by one and listen to them and then just come back. You don’t need to do anything to save it.  


Hopefully, that’s the procedure to set a custom ringtone on Android or to set a custom song as a ringtone on Android. 

However, if you are wondering where to find the best ringtones then I have already solved your query. Here I have written an article that is encouraged by more than 3800 people on the best ringtone apps for Android that you should try

It’s a little bit personal but sharing it with you because already mentioned in the screenshot I have selected my custom ringtone which is the Alan Walker faded music the flute version. 

So I am linking it here hopefully you like it or not but just sharing it with you because you came here rather than going on any other website. 

Video Tutorial: Change the Ringtone of Any Android device

How to Change Ringtone On Android

Quickly Change Ringtone of your Phone

Moreover, I am summarising the whole procedure below in the five points which shows how to change a ringtone on Android. 

You can change it to any song or any tune. I hope you appreciate it. 

  • Open your mobile settings.
  • Select “Sounds and Vibration“. 
  • Scroll down and select the SIM whichever ringtone you want to change. 
  • Here, some tunes will be listed. However, you could select a custom file from the device by tapping on “Select from files“. 
  • To save your selection just tap on the back button a few times and you will go back into the sound and vibration menu where the tune you selected has been listed below the SIM card one or sim card to whichever you change the ringtone of. 

Ok, so I am linking a video tutorial that I have recorded specially for this article to make sure that you know the exact procedure to change the ringtone on Android. is completely based on tutorials, apps, and games for especially Android OS


Special thanks to you for reading this article till the end because some people didn’t read it last. 

I appreciated it. Let me know in the comments which is your favourite ringtone or a song that you are going to set as your smartphone’s default ringtone. 

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