How to Check Liked Posts on Instagram (All/Recently)

I know you wanted to check liked posts on Instagram? And checking it is a little bit tricky but in this article, I am gonna teach you how to check liked posts on Instagram? 

This is another Instagram guide that will help you. Because many times you wanted to see the post that you have recently liked on Instagram just because there is something in that post that’s too necessary for us. 

So let’s directly move on to a guide in which I am going to show you how to check recently likes posts on Instagram

How to Check Liked Posts on Instagram

So below is the complete procedure that you need to follow to check the post you have recently liked on Instagram and even to check all liked posts on Instagram. You could follow this guide on browsers and even on the Instagram app. 

  • 1. Open Instagram Settings

    First of all tap on your profile picture and then just tap on the three dots on the top right-hand side. Now select the settings. 

  • 2. Select Account in Settings

    In this settings menu, you need to scroll down and select the account tab. 

  • 3. Tap on Post You’ve Liked

    Now a new menu will appear over all the features of your account. You have to scroll down and you will see “Post you’ve liked” select it. 

All Liked Posts Are there!

After selecting it you will see all the posts that you have recently liked on Instagram. 

I hope this tutorial will help you to find out which post you have recently liked on Instagram. Many times we were in the situation where we wanted to know the most recently liked post. 

So that’s it for the tutorial don’t forget this is and you could appreciate us by making and commenting. By the way, can you tell me what’s your username below? I would like to follow the person who is reading this article that means you. 

I hope you enjoyed today’s article on checking recently liked posts on Instagram. 

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