Check Screen Time on Any Android Device! Here’s Excatly How!

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Check Screen Time:Here is how to check screen time: we all use a smartphone every day and day by day screen time is increasing. 

If we can check screen time then we can control things. If we don’t know how much time we are spending on our smartphones then how could we control it right? 

That’s why today I am gonna show you how to check screen time on Android easily.

Let’s jump into the first

How to Check Screen Time on Android | Manage your time in apps 

These ways can help you to check your screen time but mainly I would recommend you to use this ways because this is the easiest method to check screen time.

The google: the accurate screen time 

If you are the person who wants accurate screen time, and your every minute counts then this will be the best for you. Most smartphones already have this feature to check screen time.

There is an app called digital wellbeing and new smartphones that is pre-installed that helps users to track their daily device usage. If the app is not installed by default on your smartphone then you can download it from here.

Action Dash Android or Digital wellbeing

And don’t worry, digital wellbeing is a safe, free-to-use app that is provided by Google.

How to use Digital Wellbeing 

When I first saw this app on my settings page I was shocked and after checking it. This surprised me that I am using my smartphone for 5 to 6 hours a day. That’s pretty much.

  • First of all, open your mobile settings
  • And find digital wellbeing and parental control > Tap on it
  • At this point, a new window will appear where you can see all your screen usage time in a pie chart
  • Now you can check your screen time.
check screen time android

If you click on the pie chart you will get the list of the apps that you used today, it will be shortened by the screen time. 

For example, here is a screenshot of my digital wellbeing dashboard. I can see that Instagram is on the top because it is one of the most used apps by me according to screen time. I spent one and 22 minutes on Instagram. 

If you are the person who wants to control your screen time usage then here is great news for you, now I am gonna show you how to control your screen time.

How to control Screen time: Set timer for apps

To control screen time you have to set limits for the app using digital wellbeing. 

  • Go to the digital wellbeing dashboard 
  • Now start analyzing the app where you spend most of the time
  • For me its Instagram and click on that screen timer on the right-hand side
  • Now set a particular usage time for you. For me, I am setting 30 minutes a day.
how to set timer for apps

These are the few things that can help you to reduce your screen time.

Just by scheduling your usage timing, you can decrease screen time up to 50% and this helps me. There was a time when I used Instagram for 2 hours and YouTube for 3 hours but suddenly I realized I needed to focus on my health so I started this screen time fasting.

I followed this for 30 days and after it, I was habitual to use these social media apps for just 30 minutes a day and that’s a useful accomplishment by me.

And you can also do this you just have to set a timer for particular apps. 

I know that I have been using this app personally for the past few months, it’s a great app that everyone should have.

Downsides of digital wellbeing 

I have been using this app for the past three months and there are lots of things that I have faced using this app whether it’s UI or its updates. I will tell you their real truth.

  • You can remove your set timer for that particular app just by getting into the digital wellbeing app and removing it. It is good for a few people but for the people who want to reduce screen time it is one of the bad things. 
  • Whenever you start using your smartphone in the morning your smartphone will lag a bit because at that time your digital wellbeing app is updating itself, not from the internet.

So these are the few things that I faced in the past few months.

Conclusion – Screen Time Check Android

So if you are a Smartphone user and want to decrease your screen time then this will be the best app that I recommend to you. Everyone recommended this app and even Tech Guys will recommend you because the app is provided by Google and Google products are the best. 

Hopefully, this tutorial will help you to check your screen time on Android on Samsung on any smartphone. Let me know in the comments if you have any queries and have a nice day.

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