2 Steps to Fix Chrome Not Responding Android 2023! Easy Fix

Being a Chrome user, I know how it feels when Chrome is not responding on Android. Here's the guide: Chrome Responding!
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Being a Chrome user, I know how it feels when Chrome is not responding on Android. 

Android plays a significant role in browsers, and it is one of the fastest browsers with tons of features loaded. 

Sometimes the good things can be harmful! Especially for low-end devices, it can slow down the Chrome browser, leading to Google Chrome not responding. 

But good news…

It can be permanently fixed by following the steps mentioned below. 

How to Fix Chrome Not Responding Android & iOS

These are some of the pro tips! So without wasting any more time, let’s move on to fix Chrome not responding. 

1. Clear cookies, cache, and history

If you are like me and want to surf the Internet without figuring out other things, it can make Chrome crash or not respond.

clear data of app

The moment you visit any website, for example, if you come to this website, some cookies are tracking your activities, just as you came on this website, I can tell you from where you are coming from (which country, basically). 

These are cookies, and suppose you visit any website regularly, like Facebook, Instagram, from Chrome browser. Then it’s a source of cache data that decreases the webpage’s load time for next time. 

And with all this data (cookies, cached files & histories), Chrome becomes a massive storage capturer. This leads to Google Chrome not responding, and even sometimes, it’s stopped working on Android devices. 

One of the things that you should try to figure out is clearing the cache cookies and the history of the Google Chrome app below. I am listening to how to do it. 

How to Clear Cookies on Android Phone 2023

Let’s move on to the second step. 

2. Free update internal storage.

When it comes to Android devices, One thing is very common…

Guess what?

All the Google apps like Play Store, Chrome, YouTube & many more are being preinstalled. Also read: To Unistall the Youtube App.

And all these apps are pre-installed on the internal storage. It also means that when the internal storage is full, the app cannot store more files. 

Moreover, the app will take more time to store new cache files and cookies on the internal storage, which can slow down Chrome even though it can make it not respond. 

So here is how you can free up storage that is being followed by the most intelligent people on the internet. 

Conclusion: Chrome does Not Respond!

Above are the main factors or the leading solutions you could follow if Google Chrome is not responding on Android devices. 

I tried it as an Android user. I tested it multiple times on multiple devices, and all the times, I got the same result; performance improved by 21%, and the issues were fixed. Even try to disable dark mode.

Google Chrome Is Not Responding; The Actual Reasons (Why Chrome is not responding)

Below I list some reasons why Google Chrome is not responding and is crashing or slowing down. 

  • It’s because of Insufficient storage in internal storage.
  • Not Cleaning the History, cookies, and cache from the chrome app.
  • Due to using the Older version of Google Chrome.

There are many other things that you must explore in Chrome. There are some hidden settings and a unique way to block websites in Chrome. I am mentioning the Web stories

Web Stories are entirely different from web pages. This is a new format of Google. I must check it out. 

Do this When Chrome Stop Working/Responding

If you tried both methods, then the last thing that you can do is restart the device. Your device will automatically delete temporary files or cache data which is not very useful. 

So try to restart whenever the Chrome browser is not responding.  

That’s all from my side. In today’s tutorial, I showed you how to fix Chrome not responding on android, and even though I have shown you some of the reasons which could be the real culprit. 

I hope you found this helpful article. Have a nice day and enjoy.

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