How to Clear Cache of Android Apps [Any App]

Learn How to Clear Cache; of Android, Apps. This Guide is on; Clearing cache memory on android; also of certain apps. Beginner's Guide.
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Clear Cache on Android. Many people want to clear the cache of their Android or the cache of certain apps installed on their smartphones. But it’s a complex process when we are a beginner, and we want to explore the Android Settings like clearing the cache, etc. 

You came here, thanks :). And I promise that by the end of this blog post, you’ll learn something new about clearing the cache. And at the end, you can remove any app’s cached data or Android cache

How to Clear Cache on Android

One of my friends, Viraj, is trying to learn how to clear the cache on Android because his phone lags a lot, etc. 

And I recommend he clear the cache, and by clearing the cache, most of his problems with Android have been fixed. This article is part of our How.

How to Clear App Cache Android

So, first of all, let’s see how to clear the cache of certain apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

  1. First of all, get into the settings
  2. Then find APP section > tap on apps list
  3. Here select the app of which you want to clear the cache
  4. At this point, tap on the storage option > tap on clear cache.
Clear cache on Android of certain

This way, you can quickly clear the cache of any Android app. It’s an easy guide, but what if you want to clear the cache on Android? 

That’s how you can clear the cache of all the Android apps, and don’t worry. It won’t delete any of your data.

How to Clear Cache in Android

You need to install a cleaner app to clear the cache on Android. Cleaner apps help you clear the cache cookies and extra files not required for your Android device. Before diving into the steps, let’s see what a cleaner app is. 

You will find many cleaner apps in the Play Store, but I recommend choosing files by Google. These two are the best cleaner apps, in my opinion. Using them for the past few years. 

For this tutorial, I will try files by Google to clear cache on my Android device, and you can follow the same steps on your device.

  1. The first step is to open the files in the Google app.
  2. And let it complete the scanning process. It will scan all the files and the junk files that are not required.
  3. After scanning, it will show you to clear the junk data called “cache.” This is the cache data of all the apps combined.
  4. Tap on the clear junk button. Cleaning will show you the storage you saved by clearing the cache on your smart device. Even you can see all the apps on which the files app will clean the cache.
cleaning cache of all apps
cleaning cache of all apps
clearing cache memory using files by google

Probably you heard from someone to clear the cache of Android, but do you know what the exact benefits are and what are the reasons why you should clear the cache? Also read: Android System Webview Errors Solved: Download & Updates

Even though many people cleared the cache on Android regularly, they didn’t know why they were doing it. Only 0.01 % of people want to know the benefits of clearing cache

Benefits of Clearing Cache Android | Why to Clear Cache

Check Out the list of reasons you should know, and consider them before clearing it. Also read: Clear the Cache on Instagram using this.

  • It can clear the extra files, which are helpful when your internet is not connected. For example, when you open the Instagram App without turning on the internet, you will find all the old posts are still loading, and your profile is still showing. That is because the cache files are the files that are stored on your device to make the app run fast. 
  • By clearing cache, you can also increase your device performance in general use, but when you open an app after cleaning their cash, you will probably see some Frame drop in it or some lag.

However, you should clear the cache of all your apps installed on your device at least once a month. By using the files by the Google app. I clear the cache of all the apps installed on my phone regularly every month. 

Viraj had a low-end device where he couldn’t even make calls properly because the device started lagging while opening the dialer app. hen I taught Viraj how to clear the cache on Android, I was delighted at that moment. Now his phone is running fast, and he can make calls fastly.

That’s it for today. Today I showed you how to clear the cache on Android and how to clear the cache of apps on Android. These two are the most asked questions on Google that people continuously search in but didn’t find an appropriate beginner guide. 

Only 0.01% will come and share their experience while reading this article, and I think you are one of them. So comment on your experience and give your advice. I would love to take them. 

It’s a Backdroid, where you can find the best Android apps and tutorials, even the best games for Android, and all of this for free. 

Here are some frequently asked questions that people ask me on Instagram and emails.

FAQs on Cache

What are the benefits of clearing cache android? 

You can fix many issues by clearing the cache. Such as the smartphone lag problem; if apps are not working, apps are continuously crashing. These are the few issues that can be cured by clearing the cache.

What happens if you delete cache data for all apps?

Right after clearing the cache data of all the apps. You will see a massive change. Your device’s performance will improve, fix many app problems, and improve battery life. So clear the cache memory monthly. 

Should I clear cache data for all apps?

Yes, you should clean the cache data of all your apps. It won’t delete any data. Additionally, you will get many benefits, like apps won’t crash; your phone will run smoothly. Overall, clearing the cache memory will improve the overall performance.

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