How to Clear Clipboard on Android & Tablets

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Copied something on your Android, and the history remains in your clipboard? Anyone can see here how to clear the clipboard on Android.

Clipboard on Android devices is a feature that enables users to copy and paste text, images, or other types of content between apps or within the same app. This functionality has been an essential tool for productivity, saving time and effort in copying and pasting information.

This method can be used on all Android devices based on the Android operating system. 

You can clear the clipboard on Samsung, realme, Xiaomi, Motorola, or any other devices out there which are based on the Android operating system. 

Even though I will share a method that will automatically clear the clipboard on Android after use, it could be beneficial when copying something private like passwords, OTP, or PIN. 

So let’s get started with a clear clipboard on Android tutorial. 

How to Clear Clipboard on Android & Tablets

Suppose this scenario: if you had copied something and want to clear the clipboard history on Android, follow the procedure below.

  • Tap on the text field

    First, tap on any text field to let the keyboard up. Now when the keyboard is in front of you, tap on the three dots and then tap on the clipboard just like shown in the image. 

  • Tap on three dots > Clipboard

    The second step is to tap on the text you recently copied that you wanted to delete or clear from the clipboard history. 

  • Select the texts & tap on delete

    When you long type on any specific copy term, a pop-up menu will show up; it will tell you how to delete it, then tap on delete to clear the clipboard on Android. 


That’s how to clear the clipboard on any android.

Moreover, if you use a keyboard app like Google board gboard, then Google will automatically delete all your clipboard history after one hour, which is unpinned. 

Here is a statement from Google keyboard: 

Touch and hold a clip to pin it. Unpinned clips will be deleted after 1 hour.

How to Clear Clipboard On a Tablet

Now, if you are using an Android tablet and want to clear your search history, you can also follow the same procedure for tablets.  Also read: How to Stop Taboola Ads on Android.

To Clear Clipboard On Android Phones & Tablets

Below is the quick 4-step procedure to clear the clipboard on Android. You can follow this on Android tablets, Android phones, or any phone that operates using Android. 

  • Tap on the text field and let the keyboard on. 
  • On the keyboard menu, there aren’t three dots; tap on it, then tap on the clipboard. 
  • Here you will find all your copied texts. Press and hold on to any text term that you want to delete. 
  • When you long press on it, many will pop up, where you have to select delete to clear copy the text on Android. 

That’s how you can quickly clear the clipboard on Android. You can follow the same procedure on any Android device which runs on this operating system. 

However, I already showed you that Google automatically deletes the copied text after 1 hour, which is unpinned and will be automatically deleted, as Google said.

With Android 10, Google introduced some new features to the Clipboard functionality. One of the most significant changes was introducing a history feature that allowed users to view their previously copied items. This new feature allowed users to save multiple items to the Clipboard and retrieve them later, which was a game-changer in productivity.

Android 10 also introduced a feature allowing third-party apps to access the Clipboard contents. This functionality allowed developers to build apps that could monitor and manage the Clipboard, significantly improving Android’s overall functionality.

To Delete Clipboard History Android

You might have questions about how to delete all the copy terms on Android or clear the clipboard. 

Delete clipboard on Android
  • After getting into the Keyboard Clipboard. 
  • Tap on the edit button, which is shown as a pencil icon. 
  • Select all the copied text together and then tap the delete button to clean the whole clipboard on Android.

Video Tutorial

That’s all from my side today. Today I showed you how to clear a clipboard on an Android even though I had also shown you how to clear the clipboard on tablets or Samsung for any Android device. 

I hope you found this helpful article. If yes, have a nice day, and don’t forget to ask if you have any queries below. The comment section is open. We are replying in just 2 hours. 

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