Clearing Most Asked Doubt: VPN Change Location and IP on Apps and Sites?

Today’s article will cover VPN doubts such as does VPN change your location? Can VPN change location while using apps? On certain apps or websites?

We’ll be Answering all those questions, especially for smartphones. I tried it myself using a free VPN app, but there are a few paid versions.

Let’s dive in with BackDroid Style; reading for just 1 minute and 17 seconds can help you more than reading ten other articles.

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Can VPN Change the Location?

A VPN can change the user’s location while using the internet by changing the IP of a different region. So, If the VPN is on, apps cannot detect your original location. Apps can only see the place that you selected while connecting.

VPN Location Changing For Apps? We Tested It For You

Tomato VPN app is connected with the united states server and IP

For the article, I ran multiple tests using some free VPN Apps. And tried to connect to the United States, and I am from India, sitting in Rajasthan.

I’ll share the screenshots with you; as you can see, I’m using the Tomato VPN app.

Firstly, I will turn on the VPN to use a different region IP. Then I will check my IP location on a few IP checkers and on Google itself.

Check My Location After using a VPN App

It’s time to review my location. I have successfully connected to a United States IP address using the tomato VPN app (see the image).

Tomato VPN app is connected with the united states server and IP

In the browser app, I searched for BackDroid on Google. I scrolled down to the bottom. Then I found my location there. It showed New York (Google says, based on your IP).

Using the VPN app to connect to the united states server and google shows the proof
Check the location below the see more button.

Changing Location for Google using VPN App’s IP

So, checking proves that VPN apps change the location. The answer is: yes, VPN changes location on and other websites.

Checking my ip using the it shows the ip with the location of ip

I checked the IP address in an IP checker, which also shows NEW York. To check your IP location, click here.


Using VPN apps for other apps

My friend Yash used to play PUBG when it got banned in India, so yes, it does work for apps too. He used to switch his location to Brazil, leading him to enjoy his gameplay.

So, for the question you asked: below, mention all the answers in a table format.

Does VPN change your location?Yes.
Can VPN change location while using apps?Yes, it can change for apps too.
Can I change my location with a VPN?Yes, VPN can change the IP, which changes location.
Does VPN change IP address?Yes, it switches your IP with the selected country IP.
Does vpn work in incognito?In incognito VPN works.

I hope it answers all your questions regarding VPN apps and their working procedure for changing the location by using a VPN app.

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