Android Cellbroadcastreceiver:

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Today I will show you EXACTLYcom android cellbroadcastreceiver‘ What it is and the use case. Keep in mind that this is a short article filled with easy-to-understand language because many sites did this incorrectly.

Android Cellbroadcastreceiver

My wife’s google history showed In history, what is this?

I’m unable to get any answers to what this is. My wife’s google history showed using on her Samsung galaxy s20fe. NY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED Are you worried about Androidcellbroadcastreceiver? You have seen this “” in your settings. Right? The movement you read will be tense because when you haven’t installed anything like this, your phone shows that you have used 

What is

The is an android application package name that only exists on Android devices. Every app has its own unique identity, known as ‘Package name.’ Package names look like “ Add” or Add” 

So, if you found that is running. Then it’s the app for handling the device’s emergency and emergency alert-related tasks.

Android CellBroadCastReceiver is accountable for handling the device’s emergency and emergency alert-related tasks. used for?

This APK is mainly used for internal & background works on Android smartphones, which helps the device see, track, and enable emergency alerts.

Here’s What Exactly it is used for; 

The Cellbroadcastreceiver, also known as “com android cellbroadcastreceiver,” is a nationwide messaging service designed to help you disseminate critical mass communications to your employees and loved ones after a natural or human-made emergency.

Now you might ask, what’s the simplest definition of this? So, What do I get below? A simple explanation for “com google android cellbroadcastreceiver.”

Android Cellbroadcastreceiver

“com android cellbroadcastreceiver” is the package name of the app Cell Broadcasts, a pre-installed system app on Android devices that is accountable for handling the device’s emergency and emergency alert-related tasks.

cell broadcasts android app

The name of a file available on the Internet will install an Android application that will control the Emergency SMS alerts.

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