Android Cellbroadcastreceiver:

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You might want to learn what and what’s the use of or

Today I will show you EXACTLYcom android cellbroadcastreceiver‘, What it is, and the use case. Remember that this short article is filled with easy-to-understand language because many sites did this incorrectly.

Android Cellbroadcastreceiver

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What is

The is an android application package name that only exists on Android devices. Every app has a unique identity, a ‘Package name.’ Package names look like “ Add” or Add” 

So, if you found that is running. Then it’s the app for handling the device’s emergency and emergency alert-related tasks.

Android CellBroadCastReceiver is accountable for handling the device’s emergency and emergency alert-related tasks.

The “ cell broadcast receiver” package is a feature built into Android phones that helps users receive important messages from their mobile network operator. These messages include emergency alerts, severe weather warnings, or AMBER alerts.

Let’s say you’re at home, and your area has a tornado warning. The mobile network operator can use the Cellbroadcastreceiver feature to message all phones in the affected area, letting people know they should take cover immediately. 

When your phone receives this message, it will display an alert on your screen with a loud alarm sound or vibration to get your attention. This is an essential feature because it can help keep you safe in an emergency. used for?

screenshot of from app

The Cellbroadcastreceiver feature works by constantly listening for incoming messages from the mobile network operator. When a message is received, the package triggers the display of the message on your phone’s screen.

You can also customize the settings of the Cellbroadcastreceiver on your device to turn off notifications for certain types of messages you may not want to receive.

Overall, the “” package is a feature that is designed to help keep you informed and safe in emergencies by receiving critical messages from your mobile network operator.

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This APK is mainly used for internal & background works on Android smartphones, which helps the device see, track, and enable emergency alerts.

Here’s What Exactly it is used for; 

The Cellbroadcastreceiver, also known as “com android cellbroadcastreceiver,” is a nationwide messaging service designed to help you disseminate critical mass communications to your employees and loved ones after a natural or human-made emergency.

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Android Cellbroadcastreceiver

“com android cellbroadcastreceiver” is the package name of the app Cell Broadcasts, a pre-installed system app on Android devices that is accountable for handling the device’s emergency and emergency alert-related tasks.

cell broadcasts android app

The name of a file on the Internet will install an Android application to control the Emergency SMS alerts.

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Troubleshooting Common Errors With

If you are experiencing issues with the “” package on your Android device, there are several common troubleshooting steps you can take:

1. Check if the feature is turned on

Make sure the Cellbroadcastreceiver feature is turned on in your phone’s settings. To do this, go to Settings > Apps & notifications > Advanced > Emergency alerts > Emergency alert settings > Alert types, and make sure that the types of alerts you want to receive are turned on.

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2. Check your network connection

The Cellbroadcastreceiver feature requires a stable network connection to receive messages. You may only receive messages in an area with good network coverage or if your phone is in airplane mode.

3. Check for software updates

Software update_ Samsung smartphone

Make sure your phone’s software is current. Software updates can sometimes fix issues with system components like the Cellbroadcastreceiver.

4. Clear the cache

Clearning cache vector or illustrator

Clearing the cache of the Cellbroadcastreceiver package can help resolve issues. To do this, go to Settings > Apps & notifications > See all apps > Cellbroadcastreceiver > Storage > Clear cache.

If you want to learn to clear the cache of any app, then read this.

5. Restart your phone

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Restarting your phone can often fix issues with system components. Try restarting your phone and see if the Cellbroadcastreceiver feature starts working again.

Contact your mobile network operator

Contact your mobile network operator if you need help with the above steps. They can troubleshoot the issue and help you get the Cellbroadcastreceiver feature working again.

Overall, the “” package is an important system component on Android devices that helps users receive critical messages from their mobile network operator. If you are experiencing issues with the feature, try these troubleshooting steps or contact your mobile network operator for assistance.


We want to share with you guys, and I hope you got every information about this Android Cell Broadcast Receiver. We are always here to help you. Have a nice day.

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